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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shits Happened!!!

January 26 2009 would be one of the most memorable day in my life. It was chinese New Year but nothing prosperous or lucky thing happened to me on that day. It was one of the horrible and awful as well as frightening,freaky,and scary day i have ever had in my life. But one thing for sure, God really loves me and it is so undeniably true.
I would have been dead yesterday. God really loves me. I met with an accident which of course was not caused by me. I know i am a good driver. It was just some friggin stupid mat rempit who have no better thing to do other than making other people's lives miserable.

This is how it happened. I was at my house in Bagan Datoh for a-week-Chinese New Year break. I was sooo happy to be back home cos it has been almost a month since i last came back. I drove my sis car from Ipoh and was at my house for 4 days since friday. So, on Monday January 26th, i decided to go back to Ipoh because my sis was moving in to a new house and i was thinking of helping her out. It was on that journey to Ipoh where i met with the accident.
It so happened that i had a friend of mine who followed me to my house during the CNY break. So, i had two other passengers in the car, my friend and my nephew. On that day, i always had about feeling about somthing but i jst had no idea what was it about. Coming back to the story, it was raining and of course the road was slippery. I did say to my friend that it was raining and i had to be careful driving. A few minutes after that was when the accident occured. That freaking stupid moron who had no idea how to ride a bike was on the left side of the road going to same direction as i was. And out of no where, he simply crossed to the other side of the road when i was about to overtake him. I was totally shocked to death that i lost my control over the stering and the car hit a freaking huge i-dont-konw-what-to-call-it rock. Fortunately everyone was not injured except for my nephew who got liitle(i mean very little) injury on his hand. But, the only thing i know was the car was badly damaged.

The first thing i did after the accident was to call my sis. Its her car and in fact, she has always been the first person i reach for when anything happens. I never want to worry my parents. Up until now, until my parents have no idea about the accident. It was my second accident with this car. The first one was not a major accident,it was only bumper-to-bumper accident. Not so much obvious damage. But this one has to be serious,i mean MAJOR!!!I had all sort of feeling and worse of all, i felt guilty. Though it wasnt really my fault, but i was the one driving and the guilt was definitely on me. But my sis knows me best. She was so cool and calm and she and her husband helped settling with the tow truck and the police report. the moron is no where to be found, must be scared to death as he had no helmet on and probably had no driving license as well. Seriously speaking, you guys have no idea how awful the feeling is for me when talking to a police man to lodge a report. I hate that part and moment.
It takes quiet number of days for me to get over that and i am now doing good. But, the trautamic feeling is always in me. However, the only thing I know is that, God really loves me. I would be dead by now but hey, i am still breathing and have the opportunity to continue my life as usual. But i know something is not right that God wanted to show me and teach me a lesson. That is something for me to find out.

2 Comment:

LongLostKhalis said...

Great story....Seems familiar with mine.

MeMeR said...

Thats good then.
There is a lesson to learn then.

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