Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blissful day

Today was the first day of lecture here at IPGKT.
There's nothing much to write about that.
But wait! Ooooh yeah, we met the new head of department for the very first time and ................................*long sigh*

It is such a waste of time for me to blog about how it is like to be here, staying here, studying here and so on.
You can get a massive dosage of that on my senior's blog, Absolutely Wicked for what she had gone through during her final year here.

As usual, the boredom has got to be killed!
So, without a second thought, I with my partners in crime, FarahTheFairy, SivaTheDiva and DharminiKutty immediately decided to go out to City Square.
The main target, our long missed favourite food at City Square...

The Famous Portuguese Chicken.

Love everything about the shop.
A small shop, very simple yet offers great foods and the best egg tarts in the freaking world!!

I think most of my friends have,at least once, tried this before and they should know how delicious it is.
Ooo,I have been craving for this for the longest time in the world and it was blissful to get to have it again today, especially with these two!
 Love you two monkeys!!! :P

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru

As you know, I am back at the place which I'm not so happy to be at right at the moment.
But it is unfair to flood my blog with whole lot of sad grieving stories about this place.
So, I decided not to blog so much on how much I hate this place cos it will never go anywhere. *unless I am given a proper nice room at the new block, BLOCK H!!!

So, I came to Johor Bahru earlier on Saturday with my sister who was very kind and helpful to send me off here.
We had to spend a night at a hotel and normally, Hotel Seri Malaysia would be the famous choice because it is the nearest to the IPGKTI.
But this time around, she decided not to stay there for some unknown reasons.
I, being a very obedient little brother would never say anything about her choice of places to stay or to go.

So, she decided  to stay at Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru, situated in the heart of JB.
The moment i stepped into the room, I was amazed and mesmerized.
I don't know for whatever reason but I kind of liked it.
These are some of the photos that I took.

 And not forgetting, during this World Cup fever, it will not be complete without this giant World Cup trophy replica!!

I like the room mostly because the fact that it is spacious, which makes it easier for me to move around and the rest is just okay!
It was nice and a pleasure staying at Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

H for HATE! C for COOLl!

~I feel the necessity for me to edit and redo this whole entry because I was wrong~
~As they say, you'll never love something/someone until you really get to know them~ 
~Don't judge a book by its cover~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello my old friends...

As you know, it has been like almost 2 months since my holidays started.

It has been bliss and a blast being at home, doing basically nothing after a long excruciating semester.

So, I have another 2 semesters, which is a year more, for me to complete the 6 long years of my studies.

And I am soon going back to the place where this entire journey first started.

For most of my old high school friends, they have actually finished their studies and I feel so jealous that they are now moving to another stage in their life.

All of them are now busy looking for jobs and it feels so good seeing everyone successfully completed their studies.

I feel very happy for them too.

But sadly, it has been ages since I last met any one of them, including those who are close to me.

It’s kinda sad that we do not get to meet up with each that often.

Holidays are the best times for us to meet up and sit down for a coffee and have a little catching up with each other.

However, despite me wanting to see them so badly, it seems kind of odd that I dread going out of the house during this holidays, even when I got asked by my friends.

I do not know why but I do not feel like going out that often anymore.

Home feels sooooooo good and I am so lazy to get out of the house.

Maybe, I have reached the point where, you know, I won’t go out when I don't need to do so, when there is no necessity for me to go out.

It’s like, sometimes I think I need not go out because it will only waste my time.

My time is better spent for sometimes more fun, like television, lazing on my bed, staying home with my family or at least reading magazines books or something.

Hey, it’s not like I get to do this that often especially when the new semester starts.

But honestly, I do want to spend time with old friends, especially those I have not seen in ages!

Maybe, when the time is right, we could probably hang out somewhere, all of us!
A gathering or a reunion perhaps?

Just saying!

To all my old friends, I miss you all so much!

Do keep in touch, I know you know my number!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tantrum tum tum tum

Have you ever thrown tantrum to somebody you love because you are actually mad at someone else?
Never? Ever? Once? Twice? Many times?
Why? Why them for something they didn’t do?
Reflect probably is the answer!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The moment I've been waiting for

Behold people!

The examination result was out last night, and guess what!



That is not an expression of joy or excitement!

I didn't get the  4 flat I was aiming for and it sucks!

I screwed up at one of the subjects, which I had predicted earlier would ruin my chance to score a perfect GPA!

But never mind.  I guess I was not lucky enough this time. I am still grateful for the result I got.  Though it was not like how I wanted it to be, but at least it was almost like how I predicted it to be.

And that only means one thing. I gotta try harder for the coming last two examinations and my practical teaching as well!
To all my other friends especially the lovely Sivaranjini and Farah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

France oh France

All this while, I always love New York and I have always wanted to go to New York, for crying out loud! That’s a dream of the little mini me! haha
But now, I have another place which I’d love very much to go every year, if not so, once in my lifetime.
This time around, my target is France.
It’s not Eiffel tower or the big heavyweight fashion houses like Hermes or Louis Vuiton or Yves Saint Laurent or Paul Smith that I want to visit.
 It is something that may have never ever come across your mind but it does on mine.
Still can’t figure it out?
It’s actually the French Tennis Open Championship or also known as Roland Garos.
If you are a true sports person which I am not, you may have known about the tournament because it is THE tournament which every tennis player would dream to play in.
After all, it is the Grand Slam., people!
So, this year is the second year I watch the tournament and it always astonishes me with the level of games they have, and the most importantly is, the massive stadium/courts they have.
It is so amazing that I want to get myself into the court playing like a true pro tennis player watching the extremely high intense games from all the professional players as they go against each other.
From Federer, Nadal, Williams sisters, Soderling and all the other great tennis players in the world, I always get chills every time watching them play.
I just cannot imagine how thrilling and exciting it can be to be in the court watching the matches live.
How I wish someone would grant my wish to go see the whole two week tournament someday?
Anyways, tennis has been one of my favourite games since I started watching and following the sports last year.
Maybe, that marks the beginning of me playing tennis someday, perhaps?
Haha, who knows right?
What do you think? Anyone?
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