Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Saturday, January 29, 2011

TOPMAN Slim Fit Blazer

I was ONE HAPPY person yesterday! *happydance*

Before that, I am actually back at home now. Just arrived around 4 something and it was a fun journey from JB with Farah, Dharmini and Ed. It was an awesome trip although I actually slept almost throughout the whole entire journey. Such useless me. Hahaha

Anyhoo, why was I happy?

Jeng Jeng Jeng.


I did not get myself a MacBook Pro or a brand new iPhone4 or iPad or what! NO! I couldn't afford those.

I am not Kamarul, okay! *pun intended* LOL

But yeah, I did purchase something which I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I have been meaning to get myself a nice casual jacket/ blazer but they are no cheap, you know.

So yesterday, I went to Jusco Tebrau with Azhar and Kamarul, the proud owner of MacBook Pro, to look for some good stuffs I could get for myself. Apprently, my hands itched so badly for the past few days since my allowance was in. Obviously, I needed to get something for myself and I did.

I walked into TOPMAN store, which is the must-visit store for me in Jusco Tebrau.

Yes! I am a TOPMAN whore? So? Hahaha

So, I initially planned to get myself a nice formal office wear button down shirt from TOPMAN. But the one I wanted was not available in my size. So, I decided not to buy it here and will check them out in KL instead.

While I was browsing through some new pieces and collections at the store, I immediately saw this beautiful blazer which I always wanted to have.

I went to reach for it and to my surprise, it was on sale.

You know how normally when some items are on sale, you can hardly get them perfectly in your size because they are all taken?

But NO! This blazer I was looking at was perfectly my size, an M size that is.

And to add to that, I had more reason to buy it because the original price of rm369 was reduced to rm149.

Could you die? Yes, I could and that was why, without second thought, I grabbed the blazer, tried it out and brought to the counter and paid for it!

Yes, I just purchased an RM149 blazer! *happyface*

I like the detail of white lining on the pocket.
I like it that it has a few pockets inside

I didn't even hesitate to get this one because it was effin cheap. Who, in their right mind, would not want to buy this when the price was reduced rm220 from the original price?

Definitely a best buy for me this month! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

What would you do if...

What would you do if/ when you are all alone by yourself, and you are sad because something is bothering you? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had a little conversation with a friend who came over to my room last night.

Out of nowhere, we suddenly were talking about some FASHION-related stuffs.

I didn't know how that came about because I was actually busy doing some work and suddenly the topic popped out.

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with the brand TOPMAN.

I have almost everything TOPMAN.

So we were talking a little bit about why and how much I love the brand.

But a little something that really got my attention during the conversation was when this friend of mine told me that he was kinda concerned about what he was wearing.

He was, or maybe still is concerned about how people perceive himself by what he wears.
I find that ridiculous!

He told me he bought a T-Shirt from TOPMAN and he only wore it like once/twice (I couldn't really remember) before he gave it to a friend.

People commented that he looked so GAY (not GAY as in HAPPY, but GAY as in HOMOSEXUAL) when he wore the t-shirt. (the t-shirt had a bit of a pink stitch/lining or whatever you call it on the neck, YUCKS).

Maybe it's the pink thing on the neck or something, blame the fugly ugly PINK (I am not really a PINK fan), but I personally think that NO ONE should be judged or perceived by others for what they wear.

That is so BLOODY ridiculous because you are not defined by what you wear, TO A CERTAIN DEGREE of course.

But in my friend's ridiculously-it-really-irritates-me story, I could not really agree with how people around him made such a remark about the innocent t-shirt he had on.

I know the pink thing could, in some way, get on my nerves too but heck, the t-shirt is so fine to me.

I have a similar t-shirt too (without the PINK thing on the neck, of course), so it really bothered me when people said stuffs like that about the t-shirt because I own one and I dig it.

The V-neck like t-shirt with some buttons on it is pretty much one of the t-shirts I like wearing because it is so comfortable.

This is the similar t-shirt I was talking about. I am in all TOPMAN head to toe.
 And FYI, I have so many different t-shirts from TOPMAN too.

So, does it mean that all this while, I looked so effing GAYish when I was wearing them without anyone telling me?

For those who think so, FUCK YOU and GET A LIFE!

I mean, it's just a fucking t-shirt. So, what's a big deal about it? 

I don't know for whatever reasons would such MONKEYS make such comments about the t-shirt but heck, you are absoBLOODYlutely wrong!

If you think I am gonna stop wearing or probably hand it over to somebody else, I won't.

Because I don't see anything wrong with my wearing that kind of t-shirts.

For people out there, don't bother. Just wear whatever you feel like to, as long as it is decent, looks good on you, doesn't show too much skin, covers up for the girls especially for the Muslim girls, age appropriate and most importantly, you feel COMFORTABLE and good in them. 

For the suckers, SCREW them! They are just a bunch of friggin losers.

And as for my LOVE for TOPMAN, it will be pretty much the same.

TOPMAN all the way! Cheers!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rule #278376930

The rule is so simple.


You gotta earn it.

In order for you to earn respect, you've got to respect people too.

It's a two-way thing.

There's a limit to what you can and cannot do.

So simple, if you don't respect me, don't ever expect me to respect you.

Same rule applies to every single being in this world.

So, put that in mind. 



Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweep and carry me away

Every now and then, everyone deserves to have at least one short weekend getaway, right?
I am definitely in need of one, to be with my loved ones.
I feel lonely without you.
I need to go to a place so peaceful and calm, so I can relax my mind from everything.
I don't want to think about anything, only NOTHING for just a little while.
Can I?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I had the most enjoyable moment during the final week of 2010.
What a great way to end the beautiful year with my family.
We had the most fun time playing Go kart in Manjung.
I have to be honest here that I didn't actually play.
Not because I was scared but I was hesitant to get myself into that small car.
After the bad accident I was involved in two years ago, I always have this little phobia of fast moving cars, though I like watching them going fast on the track.

Anyways, let's not talk about me me now.
We actually had this sorta little competition that my father sorta held for the children and grandchildren.
My father is such a racer, I tell you.
Even at the age of 68 years old, he still is passionate about racing, hence the little Go-Kart competition.

The little circuit/ track
Excited waiting for our very own "racers",LOL
This is what we do best. That little boy is innocent though! heeee
The go-karters were getting ready for the race! Vroom Vroom
The top two racers battling it out
That boy in red was my 12 year old nephew. I am so embarassed! T_T
And that was my father, hehehe
Again, this is what we, or rather I do best. Sit and enjoy the race, haha
This was after how many laps, right before the nephew managed to overtake the uncle. Hahaha.
While I was, again, keeping myself busy taking pictures. Haha. Sorry couldn't help it!

I couldn't remember how many laps they raced for but I was pretty bored waiting for it to finish.
So, finally here's the winner. A 15-year-old architect wannabe,a true champ!
These hampers were all sponsored my our beloved father.
The winners. Minus the kiddo. T_T
It was definitely a fun enjoyable affair with the whole family. It's been a while since we last did this kind of thing together. Too bad two of my sisters couldn't make it to this event. But, there's always a next time, right? Hehehe :)

As for me, although I didn't take part and race that night, I managed to step onto the podium.

Number ONE y'all and that's ME! Hahaha


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I don't know what to write. Like seriously.

Nothing interesting going on in my life since the first day I came back to IPTI.

After all, it's IPTI. What can you expect?

Anyhoo, I've got so much to think about. I hate it when I am faced with problems which may in some way jeopardize and mess up my life and I have no say or way to solve them.

Enough said. I have a few things to get done.

Will update later this weekend about something interesting I did with my family before coming back here.

Oh, I miss them and home! Sob sob

Till then,


Saturday, January 1, 2011

First post in TWO ZERO ONE ONE from JB

I think I was among the first to come back to IPGKTI this semester.

Not that I was that excited about coming back here.

But, I don't know. Fate brought me here today. Hahahahaahahaha.

I would normally be the last person to come back but today was slightly different.
Maybe because I was following Farah today in her car, so here I am, a lonely boy, stranded in a place, on a land, unfamiliar to him, all alone without people he loves, away from home, missing everyone and everything.

Argh, I couldn't take it. Perhaps, it was still early and the two month holidays made it slightly difficult for me to adapt myself to this place again, for the very LAST time, I guarantee you.

This is among the moments I wish time would fly as fast as it could.

There's no other place I wanna be at right now but HOME.

Very typical of me especially when the new semester begins. 

Only a few months left before I wrap the whole thing up, get everything over and done with, and pray hard to Allah that I get posted back to my hometown, so I can be in a place where my heart is, HOME SWEET HOME.

Just so you know, 2011 will be one hell of a big year for me.

I am going out for my practicum/teaching practice for the very first time in my six years of studying as a future TESL teacher. ~that's gonna be a tough one, with no doubt at all. Gotta pass in order to graduate~

I am gonna get the hell out of this place in JUNE! ~look forward to that~

Which also means that I am gonna graduate soon after that. ~yeay, graduation day~

I am gonna start working in July.

Everything is HUGE this year! Definitely not gonna be an easy merry year for me.

But after all, this is what I signed up for, right? Hahaha, serve me right!

Room is still a mess, waiting for people to come and take their stuffs out of my room. My room was the store room last semester for these people to keep in their things during the holidays. Quite a bummer, the room looks as if it just got hit by a hurricane. Stuffs, boxes, clothes, lying around everywhere in every part and inch of my room. Couldn't care, so long I have my own bed to myself to sleep soundly and comfortably tonight, everything is fine with me.

Argh, so much to think about I am so tired. Cannot go one! Cannot take it anymore.

Must go to sleep and rest.

After the long journey today, I need a good nice long rest and sleep tonight.

That's how my 1st of JANUARY 2011 was/ is like.

Argh! I am missing HOME so badly right now! 

I am going to quietly cry on my ugly bed tonight, wishing I was HOME instead of here!

Sob Sob Sob (T_T)

Toodles :'(
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