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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I had the most enjoyable moment during the final week of 2010.
What a great way to end the beautiful year with my family.
We had the most fun time playing Go kart in Manjung.
I have to be honest here that I didn't actually play.
Not because I was scared but I was hesitant to get myself into that small car.
After the bad accident I was involved in two years ago, I always have this little phobia of fast moving cars, though I like watching them going fast on the track.

Anyways, let's not talk about me me now.
We actually had this sorta little competition that my father sorta held for the children and grandchildren.
My father is such a racer, I tell you.
Even at the age of 68 years old, he still is passionate about racing, hence the little Go-Kart competition.

The little circuit/ track
Excited waiting for our very own "racers",LOL
This is what we do best. That little boy is innocent though! heeee
The go-karters were getting ready for the race! Vroom Vroom
The top two racers battling it out
That boy in red was my 12 year old nephew. I am so embarassed! T_T
And that was my father, hehehe
Again, this is what we, or rather I do best. Sit and enjoy the race, haha
This was after how many laps, right before the nephew managed to overtake the uncle. Hahaha.
While I was, again, keeping myself busy taking pictures. Haha. Sorry couldn't help it!

I couldn't remember how many laps they raced for but I was pretty bored waiting for it to finish.
So, finally here's the winner. A 15-year-old architect wannabe,a true champ!
These hampers were all sponsored my our beloved father.
The winners. Minus the kiddo. T_T
It was definitely a fun enjoyable affair with the whole family. It's been a while since we last did this kind of thing together. Too bad two of my sisters couldn't make it to this event. But, there's always a next time, right? Hehehe :)

As for me, although I didn't take part and race that night, I managed to step onto the podium.

Number ONE y'all and that's ME! Hahaha


5 Comment:

insyirah said...

fuiyyoo..mikel schumacher..^-^

Cik Bucken said...

la amir...pehal la ko xjoin race skalik?jdik penonton je?

p/s: haha..aku gune tunang aku pny blog ye..harap maklum ~AYAHPIN DEWA ROYALFLUSH>_<

Memer said...

Ko baca idak blog ak ni? aiyo

hUiYi said...

it looked so much fun there! and i never try before yet..one day i must too!!=)

Memer said...

You should! :)

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