Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tell me how!!!

If anyone ever reads this (do I even have any loyal reader reading this fugly blog? haha), can you please let me know explicitly how I can approach a girl whom I like?
A step by step most friendly way of approaching and getting to know her.
I am clueless, I don't know what to do!
I am not that creatively romantic dude! 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Singapore!

I went up to Singapore today for the very first time in my life!
It was an interesting trip with some crazy friends.
Will blog and put up more pictures later because I am sooooo exhausted of walking for almost the entire day!
Stay tuned!


So, I actually was invited by Yvonne, Lucy and Ed to join this trip to Singapore.
They knew how badly I wanted to go Singapore and decided to ask me along, so I did.

Their initial plan was to go to the Singapore Zoo.
At first, I was like " Why the Zoo? Doesnt Malaysia have enough Zoos to visit?"
But, I was totally wrong.
Singapore Zoo is,by far, the coolest zoo I've ever been to in my entire life. Even Zoo Negara of Malaysia cannot come any closer to theirs. 
I am not exaggerating but it is true.
Cleanliness wise, the maintenance, the very cute and adorable healthy animal, and many others.
In fact, they have so many interesting activities and shows performed by the animals which you can catch and watch live at particular time stated in the schedule.
We spent like more than 5 hours at the zoo.
I guess words don't do justice of how effing wicked their zoo is.
Let's see how much excitement and fun we had at the zoo for all these pictures!

Not only did we get to just see the parrots, but we also got to snap pics with them, for FREE!

I don't know what Yvonne was exactly doing here,haha

Excited to see the Asian Elephants show!

They actually splashed water to the audience (including me), water filled with their poopies! Euw!

Aren't they like the cutest among all? Aww

They were too bored, they decided to just sleep and rest the whole day! -_-"'

Another exciting show everyone must go see at Singapore Zoo!

Those turtles are so huge, I wanna ride on them!

At the souvenir shop!

After the long hours spent at the zoo, we went over the Orchard Road, the famous spot for tourists and also the locals to go shopping for branded stuffs, none of which I can afford!
The moment we walked out of the building, we were greeted by these amazing buildings which house lots of amazingly ridiculously impossibly high-end boutiques!
All we did was walking and wandering around, amazed and astonished by all different highly-branded boutiques along the way, from LV, Hermes, Prada, Chanel and so on. *drools*

I should have dropped by this store and checked out their underwear lines which are not available in Malaysia, I think so.


Amazingly awesome trip, no?
I don't know about everyone else but I kind of like Singapore.
All I want is to come and visit Singapore again.
My next destination?
Universal Studio, Marina Bay, and so many other intersting places there.
But not anytime soon because I can't afford to go there as often as I want to.
My sister is going to Singapore in August for a week.
Maybe I should just tag along, shouldn't I?
We'll wait and see about that.
As for now, I can proudly say that...

I have visited Singapore!

Friday, July 23, 2010

My first Boat Shoes

I guess by now everyone should already know how obsessed I am with the brand TOPMAN. 
But again, it is best for everyone to know that I am not such a brand whore.
I would buy anything that catches my attention especially when I really need those stuffs.
Recently, I came across this one Boat Shoes at City Square which is brand-less, but  totally and ridiculously beautiful, just like how I want it to be.
I've always wanted to get myself a pair of that when I saw the same kind of shoe from TOPMAN.

Photo from here

Isn't it like soooo gorgeous?
Yes! it is!
But, you know, this shoe is not available here in Malaysia.
In fact, if it truly is available, it's definitely gonna cost me a bomb, because it is so damn expensive,40 pounds darling!
That is equivalent to almost RM200.
Come on, I am not that rich, you know.

So, I decided to just settle for the knock offs one that looks similar to it but brand-less.
After all, who cares right?
I bought it last Tuesday and I am loving it!

Nuff' said!
I heart my shoes!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is this it???

This is absolutely absurd!
Totally surreal!
There's no way!
Is this His way of telling me that yes, "she is the one for you"

I dreamt of her last night, the night after I met her.
Oh my Dear God!

p/s: It was nothing like wet dreams or whatever, it was some sweet meeting between me and her. That's all. :)


You know it when you are in LOVE!
That's it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving Block C!!!

I am writing this because I feel there is a need to inform people who are reading my blog about how I feel about the hostel I am staying at currently.
You might have read the previous post which I wrote when I first came back here.
I was so devastated to be placed at Block C, I even hated it.
Yes, it was true, and I am not denying it.
I was too used to Block H, which I had stayed at for 3 years before leaving for UPM.
I was too comfortable staying there, especially knowing the fact that it is nearer to my class.

However, things have started to change now.
After 3 weeks staying in Block C, I am starting to really understand why most people like to stay here.
The environment and surroundings are definitely totally opposite to how Block H is.
It is way more happening, the people here are much more friendly than those at the new block.
I know for a fact that most of my guys friends at at the other side at the new block, but it doesn't mean that it is going to be total boring and dull here.
My life is not as empty as I thought I would feel.
Friends here are awesome. They are very friendly, interesting bunch, helpful, and fun to be around.
I get to know lots of people which I don't think I would be able to do so if I were in Block H.
My circle of friends has expanded and it is so awesome.
More friends means happier and livelier life.
Not forgetting, I have one awesome Warden, Mr. Raj. Absolutely one awesome most respected super cool man. :)

I am now very grateful and thankful than ever.
Life would be so much different if I a at the Block H.
I guess Allah has such a great plan for me that I am destined to be placed here.
I would not ask for more.
I am currently content with what I have now.

The bottom line is.....

I LOVE BLOCK C and all the residents here!

p/s: More posts about why I <3 Block C coming soon. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friends you treasure for life...

I know it 's pretty too late to write about this but I must. I insist to!
Last week on Wednesday, a bunch of girls, emmmm, and  a guy friend from K12 debate team came down to Johor Bahru to pay us a visit.
It was so overwhelming because these girls drove all the way from JB just to visit us here.
We, the boys, may not be as adventurous like them.
Hats off to them especially to the most dangerously extreme driver, Ash. LOL.

We didn't get to show them around that much because you know, in Maktab, you can't stay over night outside the campus coumpound after 11, so we had to rush.
We initially wanted to bring them to the Portuguese Chicken which I wrote about earlier, but unfortunately, it was closed as soon as we reached there. T_T

Since these kiddos really wanted to see Danga Bay, we brought them over to Singgah Selalu, another famous dining spot near Danga Bay.
These are some of the photos taken. Photo credit goes to Onn Onn. 

I love this photo. <3

Just so you know, this is Yap, the only guy coming with these girls. You lucky guy!

We took part in some football contest they had there and none of us won. Haha

 Something happened at this time, but shall not talk about it here. It was scary, but funny at the same time. Sorry, can't help it! 

Ehem Ehem!! Phewit!

So, the next day, after class ended, we immediately went to the hotel they rented for the night to bring them out, again to the Portuguese Chicken.
I didn't know why but we thought that they must try it once.
So, we went there for lunch and happy time, we were lucky this time!

At Hotel Seri Malaysia, where they stayed at for the night.

Cikgu Cikgi,haha

I told you I simply love the chicken!!!

Have I told you that the Egg Tart is also yummy? 



 Azhar, checking his baby,hahaha

The boys went back right after that, because obviously, boys are not into walking around places like malls. I guess??
And these girls actually came to our maktab before heading back to KL.
Wasn't that sweet?
It was so kind of them, we were very touched you know?

I even heard that one of the girls actually cried on their way leaving the college.
Who could that be?

These are the kind of friends you would want to treasure forever. People who truly appreciate you as friends.
They make such great companions and trust me, they are just awesome.
We felt bad for not being able to make much time for them.
but I guess, there's always a next time right?
Hope to see you guys soon.
Thanks for the special visit!

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