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Friday, July 23, 2010

My first Boat Shoes

I guess by now everyone should already know how obsessed I am with the brand TOPMAN. 
But again, it is best for everyone to know that I am not such a brand whore.
I would buy anything that catches my attention especially when I really need those stuffs.
Recently, I came across this one Boat Shoes at City Square which is brand-less, but  totally and ridiculously beautiful, just like how I want it to be.
I've always wanted to get myself a pair of that when I saw the same kind of shoe from TOPMAN.

Photo from here

Isn't it like soooo gorgeous?
Yes! it is!
But, you know, this shoe is not available here in Malaysia.
In fact, if it truly is available, it's definitely gonna cost me a bomb, because it is so damn expensive,40 pounds darling!
That is equivalent to almost RM200.
Come on, I am not that rich, you know.

So, I decided to just settle for the knock offs one that looks similar to it but brand-less.
After all, who cares right?
I bought it last Tuesday and I am loving it!

Nuff' said!
I heart my shoes!

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