Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bigger in life

I am now at the Co-cu center of UPM, studying for my last two papers tomorrow.
It's a crunch time for me and my friends.

I have been struggling reading this 2-inch thick of Theatrical theories book which I can't even digest.
I don't even understand a shit of what these theorists are trying to say or even tell me through their writings.
Theatrical language much? Urgh English please!!

Really, I was struggling for the past two hours, but finally gave up on it especially on this guy named Grotowski.
Whatever you are trying to tell me I don't care.

On some lighter note, I am currently listening to this girl named Zee Avi.

I bet everyone knows her by now as she has made it big not just in Malaysia but also in States.
I have been listening to her song over and over again.

I am so into her music right now especially I Am Me Once More.

It is so great to see how Malaysian singer can make it big there in the US cos' it is just so hard for any Asian artistes to get into their market.

And it is even more exciting and interesting to see how one can have his/her life changed in a blink of eyes.

She was discovered on YouTube by some big shots in the US whom I don't really know who and from there, her dream came true.

Isn't it amazing on how one's life can be as lucky as that?
Sometimes we just do not realize how much talent we have.
Until we are finally found by some people who tell us that and make our dreams come true.
In fact, sometimes we just do not realize
that we are actually made bigger for something bigger in life.
We decide to settle and be happy with what we have without really thinking of something much bigger we can do.
I know this sounds a lil' bit like fairy tale story or whatever cos' not everyone is damn lucky as Zee Avi or Colbie Caillat.

But who knows.

What it takes is to have the courage and guts to explore what we can do in life.

As for me......
Naaaa, I am not that brave enough to explore.
I am not ready. (lol, denial)
Lets just say I am bounded to some things which I shall not say here.
So, have you got that feeling that you're actually made for something bigger in life?
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