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-Dale Turner-

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes, I survived!

Y'all should already know by now that I am a teacher-to-be.

For the past 3 months, I have been really busy undergoing my teaching practice, hence the lack of updates.

Now, everything is over.

How did I fare? Did I enjoy myself in school or did I end up punching my students? Hahahaha.

Of course the answer is YES! I mean, NO,  I did NOT punch any of my students.

YES, I enjoyed being in school for the 3 months there. Had a blast and wonderful time at the school. The students were real awesome and they were really nice to me. The teachers were friendly and awesome too although some were not. Heck. With countless kilometers-long lesson plans and stuffs I had to do,again, who knew I would survive the 3-month practicum, right?

Will I make an awesome teacher? I don't know because teaching practice/praticum ain't nothing like the real teaching. Practicum teachers ain't nothing like the real-working teachers. That's what I know for sure.

So, this coming July will be the most anticipated awaited month ever as I will find out where I would be posted in. I will keep praying and hoping and wishing that I will be posted somewhere near my house. That's what I wish for.

So, let's together patiently wait for July to come. But before that, I will enjoy my over a month holiday before the real working begins for me.

And if you wonder how I look like as a teacher. this one is for you!



The long 6 years is actually over...

I remember when I first started my studies at IPGKTI. That was 6 years ago and it was MPTI back then. I was complaining and grumbling over the fact that I had to go through 6 long years just to get myself a degree. And now, it's actually over.

So much went on, I went through so many things, ups and downs, thick and thin, everything. Be it in IPGKTI or UPM, I would never ask for anything better. I have grown up so much in these 6 years with all my friends and course-mates. It was probably one of the best phases in my life. I would never ask for more and I would not also ask to be doing it all over again because I know it's never going to happen. But I am truly blessed and I am lucky to have known some special people in my life. There are so many of them that I cannot list their names here. But you always know who you are. <3

There are so many different memories. The good ones or the so-not-interesting I had throughout the 6 years. The beautiful memories ones are just so many and they are the ones I am going to miss so much. You know, the little things like going out with friends for dinner or lunch, hanging out at night market, spending time,hours and hours talking and chatting away, these are the things I am going to miss doing. I may not get to do these things over again.

I have no much words to say about this anymore. One thing I know for sure, this is not the end, this is just the beginning of something better and bigger for me. Bigger responsibilities and better life perhaps. I am moving into another chapter of life. I don't know what future holds for me, but I will always pray, hope and wish for the best for me and my family.

And to all friends and acquaintances I got to know throughout these 6 years, I am going to miss all of you although there are some course-mates I wish I did not even know and I would not even want to remember especially those closest and dearest to me. You all know you will always be in my heart.

Till then.


Monday, May 9, 2011

What say you?

For those who are the invited readers of my blog,y'all know that my blog has been privatized since a while ago, almost a year has it been.
I have been thinking of making it public again for all family, friends and acquaintances to read.
As my years of studies are coming to an end in just a few weeks from now, I think I should consider to "unlock" this humble blog of mine.
But, I am still contemplating. Should I or should I? What say y'all? Drop your comments okay! (^_^)v

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