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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Males and Water Bottles

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for guys to bring their own water/water bottle to class or sports training or whereever in general? I have been thinking and thinking about it. Yet, up until now, I still couldn't get the exact answer.

This of course does not apply to all male species, but generally, yeah, to most of the guys. Why did I say so?

Let me give you an example. In my class, one can really count how many males will ever bring their own water bottle to class. It really pisses me off. Really. Why? Because, I bring my own water to calss, in my own water bottle. What happens all the time is that, male species, my own species of course, will forever ask for some, some, some,....and some more water, to the point where...yeah, there is very little water left for me. FYI, it takes a lot of hard work just to fill up the water bottle with precious water okey! Alright, I am exaggerating, But, yeah!! I put the effort of bringing my own water to class and sports training, but why can't they?

Let us see what are among the reasons/excuses why this phenomenon is happening.

a. It takes a lot of hard work just to get a water of bottle, so guys find it troublesome and tedious, so they all refuse to bring their own.

b. Water bottles are just so expensive, they don't have one, so they don't bring one of course.

c. Bring water bottles to class or sports training or anywhere is just so feminine, ladylike and child-like. So, they do not want to be seen as sissy or childish in a way.

d. Basically, male species are just lazy. They find it troublesome and tedious to fill up water in a water bottle everytime, so instead, they simply ask from people.

e. Any other opinion perhaps?_________________________

So, what say you?

I personally have my own answer. I bet you would know what it is. But, let just see what you think of this.

For me,bringing your own water bottle to class or anywhere is just a simple thing. All you need is a water bottle and that is it. Fill it up everytime you go out and walla.....it is yours. You do not have to ask mercy from anyone then. It is all yours.

This may sound as if I am very selfish. But, no. I am not being stingy or whatevs. If you ask for some water, I will definitely give some. I do share. But, you see, I am a guy, a male. Yet, I can still bring my own water bottle to class. So, why can't you, other guys, male species? Is it because one of the above reasons?

I think those are just excuses. Nothing is impossible. For all my species, start figure out and make a change.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

good observation...i just realise that too...hehe...but last time when in school, the chinese guys would bring water bottles (only the nerds though). coz when they were young, they were forced to bring like a gallon of water to school/tuition and they MUST finish it by the time they come home. Some scared of getting beat up by their parents if they didnt finish their water, they will empty the water bottles from the window of the bus they're riding. so its either when they get older, they rebel against this tyranny and swear to never carry a water bottle again, or, it has become a habit from young and an instilled trauma. hehe

Yvonne Ling said...

Maybe they find it difficult to carry a bottle in their hand when walking? =P

kamarul said...

Why should we bring it if you have bring it amir? Hahaha...

rainbow said...

I would rather say it as laziness.They prefer to fetch water using their hands from water cooler than bringing water bottles.

edz87 said...

ya we can ask from amir instead. I support Kamarul. haha!! Lucky I always ask from yvonne... =P

MeMeR said...

Amanda: I also realise that. Chinese boys would always have these huge bottles in their hands. Maybe this is the traumatic experience they had when the were young? But how do we epalin about the Malay boys? Just saying.

Yvonne:if the girls can, if i can, why can't they? (with frowning face)

Kamarul: Thanks Kamarul for such a brilliant opinion

Vikneswary: Fetching water from water cooler will be ok, but fetching from other people's water bottle?

Edz: Thanks Ed!! ;p

edz87 said...

idup air free!!!!!!!

deeyah said...

even dr.edwin can bring his own water bottles to class... why not his male students??? hurmmm... good point to ponder amer...

MeMeR said...

Kak Deeyah: Precisely. Couldn't agree more.

Edz:Thanks Ed!! ;p

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