Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, January 30, 2009


I am currently reading this book but i have no idea why....
Why did i pick this book instead of other books??
Something for me to figure out.......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shits Happened!!!

January 26 2009 would be one of the most memorable day in my life. It was chinese New Year but nothing prosperous or lucky thing happened to me on that day. It was one of the horrible and awful as well as frightening,freaky,and scary day i have ever had in my life. But one thing for sure, God really loves me and it is so undeniably true.
I would have been dead yesterday. God really loves me. I met with an accident which of course was not caused by me. I know i am a good driver. It was just some friggin stupid mat rempit who have no better thing to do other than making other people's lives miserable.

This is how it happened. I was at my house in Bagan Datoh for a-week-Chinese New Year break. I was sooo happy to be back home cos it has been almost a month since i last came back. I drove my sis car from Ipoh and was at my house for 4 days since friday. So, on Monday January 26th, i decided to go back to Ipoh because my sis was moving in to a new house and i was thinking of helping her out. It was on that journey to Ipoh where i met with the accident.
It so happened that i had a friend of mine who followed me to my house during the CNY break. So, i had two other passengers in the car, my friend and my nephew. On that day, i always had about feeling about somthing but i jst had no idea what was it about. Coming back to the story, it was raining and of course the road was slippery. I did say to my friend that it was raining and i had to be careful driving. A few minutes after that was when the accident occured. That freaking stupid moron who had no idea how to ride a bike was on the left side of the road going to same direction as i was. And out of no where, he simply crossed to the other side of the road when i was about to overtake him. I was totally shocked to death that i lost my control over the stering and the car hit a freaking huge i-dont-konw-what-to-call-it rock. Fortunately everyone was not injured except for my nephew who got liitle(i mean very little) injury on his hand. But, the only thing i know was the car was badly damaged.

The first thing i did after the accident was to call my sis. Its her car and in fact, she has always been the first person i reach for when anything happens. I never want to worry my parents. Up until now, until my parents have no idea about the accident. It was my second accident with this car. The first one was not a major accident,it was only bumper-to-bumper accident. Not so much obvious damage. But this one has to be serious,i mean MAJOR!!!I had all sort of feeling and worse of all, i felt guilty. Though it wasnt really my fault, but i was the one driving and the guilt was definitely on me. But my sis knows me best. She was so cool and calm and she and her husband helped settling with the tow truck and the police report. the moron is no where to be found, must be scared to death as he had no helmet on and probably had no driving license as well. Seriously speaking, you guys have no idea how awful the feeling is for me when talking to a police man to lodge a report. I hate that part and moment.
It takes quiet number of days for me to get over that and i am now doing good. But, the trautamic feeling is always in me. However, the only thing I know is that, God really loves me. I would be dead by now but hey, i am still breathing and have the opportunity to continue my life as usual. But i know something is not right that God wanted to show me and teach me a lesson. That is something for me to find out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CAM WHORE much??

Check out these photos.

This is funny right. Maybe i have to admit that i am self-obsessed or narcissistic in a way. But who cares?Does anyone feel bothered with me being narcissistic? You shouldn't have to.

I always feel good about myself and i absolutely love taking photos of myself. I am sorry guys.

I just can't help it!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am so pissed right now and its all because of these F**K**S, HATERS, PRETENDERS and all the synonyms that carry the same fucking meaning.
These people are the people who live around me but they are nothing like me.
Because they are ones of those names i have mentioned earlier which i obviously am not..
I am so mad to the extreme level that i am willing to on my computer and write this..
I am freaking damn angry tonight and i just cant let these people get to me.
They cant just let me live my own very life which obviously has got nothing, I mean seriously NOTHING to do with them!!!!
Why cant they just leave me and other people to enjoy and live their lives happily ever after???
Why and Why and Why???
if ever someone can give me the answer..
I know God is always with me and my family as well is forever there for me.
Though i seriously do not give a damn about these people, but they are always getting on my nerves sometimes.....emmm,not really, i think most of the times.
I am a pretender as well but that is for the sake of being nice and kind to people, thats all,
unlike what these people are doing,they are pretenders who kill people from behind...
Enough said,
i am sick and sick and sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta go to bed now,
i have class tmrw at 8 and you know what,
i would have to be around these F**K**S again,
Sucks real bad,big time,
Its me,
signing off,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Day..

I can consider today as my not-so-lucky day...
It was horrible because the bus i took from Ipoh to KL broke down and the funny part was that, it broke down near Times Square and it was so upsetting cos it was just few Kms away from Puduraya.

We made decision not to wait for the mechanic to come and fix whatever problem with the bus because that was definitely gonna take a long time and i am not gonna waste my time for nothing. So, i,who happened to be with a friend of mine on the bus, decided to come down from the bus and walk to Times Square. Thanks Goodness that i was actually with a friend of mine,so i was not so alone walking from one street to another and crossing one street to another street...I was so LOST!!!!

The journey had been tiring enough for me to walk all the way down to Times Square,
so we decided to to stop by at Starbucks and buy some great cappucino for ourselves.


It was almost 6 and i didnt want to waste any more time,or else its gonna be pretty late to arrive at our college. So,we took Monorail to KL Central and from KL central, we took komuter train to Serdang. To make things worse, its weekend and there were lots of people, i mean LOTSSSSSS OF PEOPLE on the train. OOOOOOOOOOOO,it was horrible and awful journey. I never thought that its gonna be that bad!!!!

Journey by bus is indeed tiring and full of obstacles. There are so many unexpected things that could happen and i hate it very much. I think this is my first time taking bus after God knows how many months already..
But then, i have to bear with it because i have decided to go back to basics. i decided not to drive cars this semester and i will try as much as possible. Its gonna be tough but i will just have to try.

Before i forget, i would like to appeal to those people who are responsible on the KOMUTER train,


With that,
thank you..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy Semester..

This semester has got to be the most hectic one.
We all have agreed to empty the friday slot so that everyone can go back home or go out shopping,or do whatver business they want on fridays.
Indeed it is great not having class on friday, but lets look at the other not-so-bright side of it for a second..
We,instead,have to pack everything in 4 days,from monday to thurdays this semester.
With 6 three-credit-hour subjects this semester, i can already feel the heat now.
You just imagine having class starting from 8 in the morning up until 7pm,its freaking tiring and most important of all......
there goes my afternoon sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just dont know whether its actually a good idea to empty the friday slot and pack everything from monday to thursday, but it seems that everyone has agreed to it and thats it..
i just have to bear and cope with it as much as i can..

Although this semester seems to be a crazy and hectic one,but it started pretty well.
Lecturers,so far,are good and fun and lectures have been fun and....fun la,hehhehehehe.

This morning my group and i had to perform our pantomime performance based on a poem by Shakespeare called "Life's Brief Candle" and believe it or not....
we nailed it!!!!!!!!!!
it went smooth and Madam Ju had given us full mark for it,it was an accomplishment.
I am proud of myself and my group members!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The actors with their mask on....
Me and the actors...

So, hard work do pay off....

I believe in it and therefore i am gonna work hard this sem,It may sound cheesy,corny or whatsoever you wanna call it,but thats exactly what i am gonna do.

though i know this sem is definitely gonna be a crazy one,but if one works hard and strive for success,everything is possible for one to achieve.

Enough of this..

It has been a great start for this year and this sem,and hope it will be better and better as time flies...hehehehe

Nothing much else to blog about,so i better go and finish my assignment,

For people who seem to "CARE" too much about me and my other friends,

GET A LIFE people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah,tiba tiba get so angry...

Will blog about that soon,

Till then,adios amigosssssssssssssssssssssssss.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brand New and so me.....

So,this is actually not my first time blogging.Its just that i was not so serious about blogging before and now, i guess i am going to. I have had couple of blogs before but those are just a history now. Now its all about my new blog right here.

Its totally a whole new blog and i will definitely write anything here. so,for those who happen to come across this blog,this is MEMER PARADISE.

2009 will definitely bring a whole new meaning to me cos i have finally found what i really want in my life and hey,I am now 21 years old and i think i am capable enough to think wisely and make the right decisions in every thing that concerns me.

I have nothing much to write at this very moment. will be back to write more and more stuffs about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING....

Till then, sayonara.........................
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