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-Dale Turner-

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Day..

I can consider today as my not-so-lucky day...
It was horrible because the bus i took from Ipoh to KL broke down and the funny part was that, it broke down near Times Square and it was so upsetting cos it was just few Kms away from Puduraya.

We made decision not to wait for the mechanic to come and fix whatever problem with the bus because that was definitely gonna take a long time and i am not gonna waste my time for nothing. So, i,who happened to be with a friend of mine on the bus, decided to come down from the bus and walk to Times Square. Thanks Goodness that i was actually with a friend of mine,so i was not so alone walking from one street to another and crossing one street to another street...I was so LOST!!!!

The journey had been tiring enough for me to walk all the way down to Times Square,
so we decided to to stop by at Starbucks and buy some great cappucino for ourselves.


It was almost 6 and i didnt want to waste any more time,or else its gonna be pretty late to arrive at our college. So,we took Monorail to KL Central and from KL central, we took komuter train to Serdang. To make things worse, its weekend and there were lots of people, i mean LOTSSSSSS OF PEOPLE on the train. OOOOOOOOOOOO,it was horrible and awful journey. I never thought that its gonna be that bad!!!!

Journey by bus is indeed tiring and full of obstacles. There are so many unexpected things that could happen and i hate it very much. I think this is my first time taking bus after God knows how many months already..
But then, i have to bear with it because i have decided to go back to basics. i decided not to drive cars this semester and i will try as much as possible. Its gonna be tough but i will just have to try.

Before i forget, i would like to appeal to those people who are responsible on the KOMUTER train,


With that,
thank you..

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