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-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy Semester..

This semester has got to be the most hectic one.
We all have agreed to empty the friday slot so that everyone can go back home or go out shopping,or do whatver business they want on fridays.
Indeed it is great not having class on friday, but lets look at the other not-so-bright side of it for a second..
We,instead,have to pack everything in 4 days,from monday to thurdays this semester.
With 6 three-credit-hour subjects this semester, i can already feel the heat now.
You just imagine having class starting from 8 in the morning up until 7pm,its freaking tiring and most important of all......
there goes my afternoon sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just dont know whether its actually a good idea to empty the friday slot and pack everything from monday to thursday, but it seems that everyone has agreed to it and thats it..
i just have to bear and cope with it as much as i can..

Although this semester seems to be a crazy and hectic one,but it started pretty well.
Lecturers,so far,are good and fun and lectures have been fun and....fun la,hehhehehehe.

This morning my group and i had to perform our pantomime performance based on a poem by Shakespeare called "Life's Brief Candle" and believe it or not....
we nailed it!!!!!!!!!!
it went smooth and Madam Ju had given us full mark for it,it was an accomplishment.
I am proud of myself and my group members!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The actors with their mask on....
Me and the actors...

So, hard work do pay off....

I believe in it and therefore i am gonna work hard this sem,It may sound cheesy,corny or whatsoever you wanna call it,but thats exactly what i am gonna do.

though i know this sem is definitely gonna be a crazy one,but if one works hard and strive for success,everything is possible for one to achieve.

Enough of this..

It has been a great start for this year and this sem,and hope it will be better and better as time flies...hehehehe

Nothing much else to blog about,so i better go and finish my assignment,

For people who seem to "CARE" too much about me and my other friends,

GET A LIFE people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wah,tiba tiba get so angry...

Will blog about that soon,

Till then,adios amigosssssssssssssssssssssssss.....

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