Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bye Bye Meow Meow

This cat has been a good friend to me and my roomate for the past 1 and half years we were in UPM.
She is like our third roomie, so to speak.
Going to leave you soon.
Though you kind of annoy and irritate me sometimes with your intelligence,
but I still adore you.
Soooooooo gonna miss you tonnes!!!

Home Sweet Home

Some of the things which I'd like to share with people out there.
How I wish some of my friends can enjoy this at my place.
Among some of the great things that my hometown can offer.
"Home Sweet Home"

Oh, I screwed it up!!

Taking some time of from revising for tomorrow's paper.
Online and updating myself with the world!!!

Anyhoo, I seated for two papers yesterday and I honestly don't know how I would fare for both papers.
I am so scared and I feel like I want to know the results here now at this moment.
The first paper, EDU 3067 was not really big of a deal because it was in an essay form, so I could basically crap out and away with everything, which is totally my bestest skill ever.(*I hope Miss Dz will not read this entry)
However, the second paper for the ever beloved Dr. Arshad is my biggest worry.
I don't know what really happened yesterday but I was totally blank out, everthing seemed blurry to me and I forgot almost everything I had remembered and read.
Thank God some of the things came back into my mind and I was able to get some of the questions answered.
But mind you, only SOME.
I don't know about the other half because what I did was using a "let-me-just-try-my-luck-on-this-one" way of answering them.
I have a great chance to get an A for his paper bt considering what happened yesterday and the answers I gave him, I now have no idea what my chances are.
Oh Dr.Arshad,please have pity on me.
I need to get an A for your subject, like seriously.
I hope you hear me. (in my dreams i guess,daa)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twitter oh twitter

Was surfing the net just now using the wifi connection at the resource centre
Opening the twitter page and.....

Official Twitter app for Blackberry smartphones is now available.
Maybe most BB users have known about this and I am so backward and yesterday but whatever.
It is damn cool!!
I guess I no longer need Ubertiwtter, do I?
Naah, I will just keep it on my BB.

So, all I need now is BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) from Maxis.
Everything will work well once I subscribe that BIS thingy.
Money money money!


I bet some of you already know about the death of one Malaysian singer, Achik.
He was the lead singer of a popular band called Spin.
He died in an accident two days ago.

What I wanna share here is a story happened the day before his tragic death.
I was at home with my sister watching the "Gah1" show which he was on right before the accident.
I honestly had never really wathced that show before but out of the blue, I actually watched it with my sister.
And I actually followed the show, the interview they had with Achik on that show.
And I did watch him singing at the end of the show too.

The next day on sunday while waiting for my bus at the bus station, I came across the news headline on Kosmo newspaper which said "Achik Spin meninggal kemalangan".
I was really in disbelief as I just saw him on tv the day before.
I immediately texted my sister to inform her about it and she had also read the newspaper.

What I wanna say is that, it is really sudden and shocking to me.
I just saw him on the show the day before and the next thing I know the next morning, he is dead.
It was a live show and just imagine.

It is as if i just encountered with him though.
Although I don't really know him personally, but it is really sad.
Condolences to his entire family for the great loss.

Pressure is on

I am basically not feeling good now.
Not feeling happy with the kind of situation I am in at this moment in time.
Greatly bcause the exam mode is on.
I guess everyone is now feeling the heat and pressure from the coming exam.
And I am feeling it too.

I think that I am in the worst condition.
I am anxious, worried and everyhing.
I feel like throwing up.

Is it because I put too much expectations on myself?
Is it so?
Maybe I am too afraid that I may not be able to get and strive for what I am hoping for this semester?
There is too much going on in my mind and it is definitely not good.
With a lot of thngs to read and cover for the exam.
Blah blah blah.

I ams sorry.
I think I have finished reading them but I am still worried.
What is wrong with me??
Oh please!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Been away for over a week and I am finally back.
Next thing I know...
My inbox is loaded with 272 e-mails and notifications.
Lazy to check....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


As the name of the entry suggests, this will be a mixed entry.
It's a quick one though.
I will basically write almost everything in here.
Get ready to read different stuffs alright.

First and foremost,it is my honor to inform you guys that my beloved laptop is officially dead.
After a long time of being bed-ridden and sick, the laptop is officially broken down for good.
Have been using it for 5 good years.
After so much of contribution and sacrifice it made, after so much misery and sufferings we went through together, we are finally destined to be apart forever.
I am so going to miss you.
Condolences to me.
Like seriously, I need a new laptop.
But I don't know where to get the money to buy one.
I have to figure that one out as soon as possible.

Today was the last day of lectures for this semester.
It is kind of sad because my time in UPM is over and I'll be back in the place where only misery, sufferings and horror are known in that place.
I am also going to miss some of the lecturers here.
They are nice and cool people though I know some will not agree with me but whatever.
To Cik Pah, Dr. Arshad, Dr. Noreen, Miss Dzeelfa, I am going to miss you all.
To Madam Ju.....alright,fine. Going to miss you too.

with Miss Dzeelfa today


Finals will start next week. It's crunch time again in UPM.

All the best to all!!!


This is the best part of all.

I am going back home tomorrow.

Finals will only start on the 21st.

So we have a huge gap before the first paper starts.

Going to be home for 5-6 days. So happy!!

I will see you guys next week once I am back in the campus.


Giraffe Shoes

Last Sunday, I went ot Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) with MamiHaHa for the 1st ever "Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition".
It was held from the April 2nd until April 4th.

Hectic and crazy it was.

We decided to go on Sunday because we thought that it might be less congested and only very few people would be coming on that due to the F1 race in Sepang.

Wrong we were!

They were ocean of people and we were almost drowning in there.

As we reached the place, we were welcomed and wow'ed by Professor Dato' Dr Jimmy Choo's shoe couture named as the "Million Dollar Shoe Showcase Gallery". Tthe shoe couture currently being exhibited only in London will feature Professor Dato' Dr Jimmy Choo's ten of his most successful creations.

We were like blown away, not so much by the exquisite design of the shoes but greatly by the price of every pair of the shoes.Damn!! It was crazily expensive.

The most expensive one costs like RM380,000!!!
I can buy a freaking damn house or some freaking luxurious sports car with that amount of money.
Nevertheless, I guess the money is worth the quality and the authentic and one-in-a-million design by Datuk Jimmy Choo.

There were also some other brands of shoes presented and exhibited during the exhibition.

And I was mostly really interested about this one brand of shoes.

It is the Giraffe Shoes.

It is basically a brand which is specialized in manufacturing elevator shoes that increase height by 6 – 10 cm. It is the only leading brand in Malaysia, or Asia to be exact which probably has this sort of technology which can enhance one's height.

Isn't it cool?

Yes, I find it interesting and cool. The first time I got to know about this shoes on facebook, I was already fascinated and interested in looking at how the shoes look like, and I was really keen to also get a pair of it because, obviously, I am a short candle. I am 170cm, which only equals to 5'7. Sigh

Nonetheless, whatever.

So, the million dollar question is....did I buy the shoes?

Of course I did and it is not only 6cm tall, or 7cm tall, but it is the one 10cm tall!

Photos from here
How about that bitch!
With that shoes, it makes me 10cm taller=180cm=5'11".
How about that?Haha.
I got a special 10% discount for that exhibition only.
So cool.
Aren't you interested?
I bet you are.
You can always go to their website to check out the latest designs available or you can just go straight to their Showroom at Berjaya Times Square on the 7th floor.

Oh seriously, I can't wait to put that shoes on!!!
Will post a picture of me with the brand new shoes.
p/s: To all short shorties out there, no offence intended. It is alright being short. There is nothing good about being tall though. Just saying.

Beginning-Ending-Death sentence

It is officially over.
At least I think it is so.
I have finished all my assignments and today is supposedly the last day of lectures for this semester.

Oh damn.
Though I know the ending of this semester will mark the return of something awful, but I gotta say that I am soooooo relieved this semester is ending soon.
Despite the coming finals in another two weeks from now, I consider that as alright because I don't seem to be able to cope up with any more works or assignments this semester.
I don't know whether it is only me or is it that this semester is the semester which I find most hectic and crazy semester?

I don't know but that is how it looks to me.
But thank God everything is over now.
Oops! I guess not to some of my friends.
Some are still struggling to finish some of the assignments.
Oh I feel so damn lucky to in a group with the group members who are damn cool and awesome.
Happy happy!

And with the ending of this semester, it marks a new beginning, ooo,sorry, the return of something else.
I guess let's just put that aside first.


I think too much of that!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep the dearest ones clossest to your heart

In case If you might have forgotten these people..
the ones who truly really love you for who you are,
the ones who take you as who you are,
the ones who truly know you as who you are,
the ones who believe in you for who you are,
the ones who never bore to care for you no matter who you are,
the ones who never change their evrey bit of love, care, beliefs and faith in you for who you are,
and despite the fact of how much you have changed from who you truly really are,
these ones are forver with you.
A phone call or even a text message will defintely warm their hearts.

To my loved ones, from now on, I will never abandon every single one of you.
That's my promise.

How much enough is enough??

I asked this question to myself?

How enough is enough?

I always find that things are just not enough for me.
Be it money, my results in examinations, the things I have, and so on.
I always like to compare what I have with others?
Is that normal?
That should not even be a question I guess.
Because comparing youslef with others will never do you good.
It causes more harm to me.

I admit that we have this term they call "kiasu" (sorry if the spelling is incorrect) and I believe it is not wrong to have that spirit of "kiasu" in you.
It is indeed needed especially when you talk about your performance in examinations, performance at work and things which are related to your jobs and assignements and stuffs like that because it will definitely drive you to strive and work harder to perfrom the best you can.

But in my case, it is different and I guess I have reached to a point where I do not know what I really want for myself.

It is sad because I am somehow driven by the influence of others and I am not ashamed of sharing this with people who might be reading my blog.
Because it bothers me.
It really does and I am losing the sense of who I really am, what I actually want for myself and what I really need to do for myself.
I need to put myself together and ask a lot of questions.
Or maybe I need to go seek help from the people who truly know me well.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I want this semester to end now!

Today is Friday.
And I bet you guys already know that i don;t normally have class on Friday because I am super brilliant in arranging my schedule and timetable for my classes.
But, today for the first time in this semester, I had a replacement class with one of my lecturers.
Bummer. Hate it because I had to wake up so early in the morning on a freaking Friday which I normally don't.
But, it was alright because I am always a good student who love attending classes (ahem ahem).

Anyway anyhoo, we were given surprises today.
A good one and a bad one though.

Let's start with the bad one though.
This week is supposed to be the 13th week and next week is going to be the last week here in the campus, which also suggests that finals is just around the corner and I don't like it!!
But, the lecturer whom I had the replacement class with today just gave us a shock of our life by giving us another assignment.
We were so shocked that I felt like dying (exaggerating).
But, thank God that it was a very simple one, i mean very simple!!
And o I really thank God for that because I could not help to have another heavy assignment to work on.

On another happier sunshine la la la in the morning glory, she also gave us a very interesting and great news too.
As you supposedly already know, I am becoming a teacher and there is this one conference this organization called MICELT is organizing this coming May which will be great conference to attend.
And guess what?
My classmates and I get to attend the conference for free!!!

Tell me it's real??

Yes. It is for real.

My seniors had the opportunity to attend the same conference in 2008 and now we get the same opportunity too.

It will be held in Melaka on May 11 to May 13th at Equatorial Hotel, Malacca and all our expenses; food, accommodation and so on will be covered by...I don't know who.
I guess it could probably be our faculty or whoever but I don't care.
What is important is that I get to go for free.
I will treat that conference in Melaka as a vacation.
It does not hurt to kill two birds with one stone if you can do so, right?

I am so looking forward to that.
But before that, let me remind you and myself that I have a battlefield to go down to.
Oh Lord! Please make it happen.
I need to get a 4.00 GPA this semester.
Wish me the best of luck!

Excuse me for now.
I have some work to do.
This semester ain't over yet bitch!!

Can't help it!!!

Oh Gosh!!
I am really an internet addict now!
Someone has got to help me with this!
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