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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, I screwed it up!!

Taking some time of from revising for tomorrow's paper.
Online and updating myself with the world!!!

Anyhoo, I seated for two papers yesterday and I honestly don't know how I would fare for both papers.
I am so scared and I feel like I want to know the results here now at this moment.
The first paper, EDU 3067 was not really big of a deal because it was in an essay form, so I could basically crap out and away with everything, which is totally my bestest skill ever.(*I hope Miss Dz will not read this entry)
However, the second paper for the ever beloved Dr. Arshad is my biggest worry.
I don't know what really happened yesterday but I was totally blank out, everthing seemed blurry to me and I forgot almost everything I had remembered and read.
Thank God some of the things came back into my mind and I was able to get some of the questions answered.
But mind you, only SOME.
I don't know about the other half because what I did was using a "let-me-just-try-my-luck-on-this-one" way of answering them.
I have a great chance to get an A for his paper bt considering what happened yesterday and the answers I gave him, I now have no idea what my chances are.
Oh Dr.Arshad,please have pity on me.
I need to get an A for your subject, like seriously.
I hope you hear me. (in my dreams i guess,daa)

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