Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Monday, January 25, 2010

A day out at Mines

Despite the fact that I am in a state of an economic crisis now (exaggerating), I still managed to go out last Saturday with Yvonne and Edz.

I didn't even plan to go out last weekend.

But, Iwas just too desperate to be true to out to buy some stuffs.

So, Idecided to just follow them to Mines Shopping Fair.
Mines is not a normal place for me to go out to, but on that particular day Mines would be okay though. Hehe
We walked around, window shopping cos' obviously we have no money to just simply buy things.

And I decided to stopped by the Guardian store to buy some stuffs.

when I was about to make the payment at the counter, to my surprise that this people were not providing plastic bags for the stuffs I bought.

I was kind of like "damn! How am i supposed to carry all these stuffs?"

I was lucky enough to have this small little Kipling bag of mine who had been my saviour on that day.

The fact is that it is small. But i guess it is nough to carry stuffs i bought there.


After that, we headed to Giant Supermarket in the Mines itself to buys some foods of course. Human needs need to be fulfilled.

Yvonne and I bought some foods and again, at the counter, we were again taken by surprise when the cashier asked "Do you have a bag so that we can put all your stuffs inside?"

Again I went like "What?"
Since we did not bring some luggage-huge-size bag on that day, we had to pay 20 cents for a plastics which Yvonne and I had to share to carry our stuffs.

These phenomenon of no-more-plastic-bag-given-for-stuffs-you-purchase is a part of the "GO GREEN' campaign.

How on earth wouldn't I know about it?
So, we shared the plastic bag up until we reached college and of course after that, we had to split.

So, being a gentleman myself (ehem ehem) and since I had a bigger bag than her, I took and cramped all the stuffs i bought inside my bag and this is how it looked like.

It looked as if I just shop-lifted some stuffs from the store and hid in inside my bag.

Then, I found that almost all stores are participating in this campaign and it applies only on Saturday.

So, lesson learned is " Do take note of what's happening around you"


On that day itself, we also had the opportunity to take the Free Shuttle Bus from Mines Shopping Fair back to UPM.

Not only it is comfortable and spacious, there were also very few people on it.

Wonderful. So much better than the UPM bus.

For those who would like to try hopping on the bus, there are a few pick up areas.
It's fun + comfy, trust me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malaysian Time

Does “Malaysian Time” really exist?

Do Malaysians really have their own set of time?

I’m talking about Malaysian typical behavior of being late.

I don’t know how true this is, but Malaysians are well known for their lateness in everything.

As some say, Malaysian time is always 30 minutes later than the real time.

Isn’t it so?

I know that this doesn’t apply in every Malaysian because there are Malaysians who are very particular about punctuality and I think that that is something commendable.

I have met many people of course.

Wherever I go, this ‘sickness’ of Malaysian time exists.

It is annoying indeed to encounter such people who do not take time seriously, as though it is nothing for them.

They come late to class (not that I was never late though, but seldom, very seldom), they come late for meetings, discussion, games, and so on.

It is really irritating waiting for someone or people whom you have promised to meet at certain hour, and it turns out that the person comes 30 minutes later than they are supposed to meet. Isn’t that annoying enough?

Some people take time lightly. They don’t see the importance of being punctual and right on time.

Maybe, in my case, some of friends think that it is okay to be late. But, it is not okay.

It may not be some formal meeting (though they can also be late for formal meeting, mind you), but as we have already promised with people to meet at such hour, set the meeting at a particular time, we should keep to the promise.

We may not see the importance now, but as we have stepped into the real challenging world out there, you would not want to be seen as unprofessional just because you are horrible with your punctuality.

Being Muslim myself, it is so upsetting to know that it is my fellow Muslim friends who are well known for their unpunctuality. Although, again, it does not apply to each one of them, but that is always the case. Almost most of them that I know seldom keep to their promise when it comes to time. Breaking promise and letting someone down is not commendable in the religion, I believe.

I am writing this out of my realization of how important for, we, Malaysian to always be punctual in everything. I myself had sometimes been late for some occasions and meetings, even to class too. And it makes me realize that it should not be a habit.

We must then think of how serious this is. It will definitely be a bad impression on other people and we definitely would not want people to have such misconception about us Malaysian.

I think it is not difficult to be punctual and right on time.

All it takes is some discipline, and we all are going to be good.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am proud to be Malaysian!! (in some way though)

I just got this from a tweet by KinkyBlueFairy.

New York Times has named Kuala Lumpur as one of the places to visit in 2010.

How cool is that.

Kuala Lumpur is indeed one hell of a great place to go to cos' it offers a lot of things that other places in the world may not have especially the variety of food.

Despite all the issues happening now, I am still proud to be Malaysian!!

To check more on that, click

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Special relationship with what??

Oh computer!
How great of an invention you are.

Haha, I am not going to write a poem about computers.
That is so lame and pathetic I should say.

I am writing this out of my curiosity about how closely attached human, and I of course to technology.

I honestly have this great bonding with my computer/laptop/lappy/whatever you call it.

It's not that weird because almost everyone else too has the same relationship.

You see how big of an impact can computer cause on you.

Technology advances every single second and it becomes so advanced that sometimes the relationship is taken to another level which is.............em........a marriage.

Ooooh, sound fishy and steamy. Yummy Yummy.

But that's the truth and that's what I came across a few weeks ago on the television.

This guy is not married to his computer though.

He married a "girl" named Nene Anegasaki.

The weird part of their relationship or rather marriage is that, that gilr is an anime game character and she virtually lives inside of a Nintendo Ds video game called plus.

Mind you, they even had an official looking ceremony with a priest!!

Oh Em Gee!! What is happening to the world??

This is what happens when one becomes so attached to something.

Marrying a virtual anime character has never come across my mind and now, it's not an impossible thing cos it happened.

But, what the F??

I have a few friends who truly really like anime and games so much, at least I think they do. (I don't like any of this stuffs though, no offence)

They pay games, they watch anime, download almost all sorts of anime imaginable and available in the world, at all possible time and chance they get to.

Looking at them makes me wonder.

But, I believe there is something special and magical about it.

There is some magic that it definitely has that makes them so attached to it.

Now we see how impactful all these technology things on us.

As for me, I am just gonna say....WEIRD!

You can watch the weird unusual wedding which I took from YouTube here.

I wish them a happy married life forever!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Playing Uncle Agony/ Dr. Love


While I am writing this entry, I am in a middle of texting with a girl friend of mine who keeps bugging me about her bad luck with guys.

Trust me you don’t want to be me when it comes to dealing with her never ending story about her then boyfriend that she just couldn’t get over with, this guy, that guy and many others.

I don’t know about you, but some people just seem to be desperately in need of a companion, more precisely a boyfriend and girlfriend, just like this one friend of mine I am talking about here.

She is too afraid to be some old unmarried “girl”, having no one to marry her.

I told her so many times that she is pretty. There is nothing she needs to be afraid of because one day, Mr. RIGHT will just come to her.

She just wouldn’t listen to me. She just won’t.

And here she is, bugging me with all sorts of “am I not pretty enough that no one wants me” kind of questions.

This is how I look at this.

I believe in LOVE. I do.

But you can’t force love. In other words, you can’t just simply ask people to love you and force yourself to love someone.

This has started to sounds mushy mushy which I find geli sometimes. Hehe

But seriously, that’s how I look at it. You cannot rush when it comes to this.

I strongly believe it takes quite some time for you to really know someone before you make a decision that “Oh yeah, he/she is the one for me”

And……..it takes two to tango.

There’s no point for you to love someone if the other party just has no that same feeling towards you.

That’s what love relationship is all about to me.

And as for me, I am still searching.

I made mistakes before.

I really liked a girl before and I somehow knew she had almost the same feelings too.

But I didn’t have the guts to tell her that I loved her.

Yeah, call me a pussy or whatever but yes, I did love her.

I even made her a special video which I didn’t get to give her.

Funny right? But yes, I can be very romantic. Aaaaah!!

And now, she is someone’s better significant half.

Tragic huh?

Perhaps I am just not ready.

But I do have the same feelings like other normal people, to LOVE and to be LOVED.

It’s just a matter of time.

It is hard for me cos’ LOVE is not for you to play around with.

And my trust, my love are not something that I hand out so easily to just simply anyone.

Maybe, I will someday find someone who really loves me like how I will love her too.

In the meantime, let me just enjoy the rest of my teenage youth life, learn more about life,
experience and see the world.

My advice to all desperados out there, relax. The time will come for you to find someone meant and destined to be with you for your entire life.

I think this is getting too cintan cintun.

I better stop now.

Ta daaa!!

Mind over Matter

The most talked about thing around me right now is...........





Haha, everyone is broke seemingly and me too.
But surprisingly I just got a pair of gladiator like shoe yesterday and it caused me to be RM140 poorer.

How pathetic is that?

I always have this thing where you feel guilty after spending so much on things which you obviously really want but it costs you like fortune.

And I am feeling that 'feeling' again right at this moment.
And it is not about that shoes i just bought mind you.
I really need a pair of sandlescos' I haven't had them since last Nov. (Again, how pathetic is that?)

I am talking about something I am planning to buy soon but kind of still contemplating and deciding.
I am not from such a rich family like what a lot of people (you know who you are people) think.
I am just an ordinary kampung boy FYI and that's it.

The thing about the feeling I am having right now is that it always bothers me all this while and it is not just now that I have it.
All this while, I always have this feeling of guilt after spending on anything, even food (mind you,it's not just an ordinary food but those of the costly ones which I obviously can replace with something else,something cheaper and still fulfilling?
Call me scrooge or "stingy like a fish" person but yup, that's me.
But the thing is that, I am still spending like nobody's business.

I eat these "costly food" all the time without even thinking about its price, sometimes.

I buy clothes and shoes like a true fetishist.

And after that, I feel guilty and bad about it after that.

Do you know how bad I feel after spending my money?

I will start thinking of how poor people have to work hard everyday to earn money to feed their family and kids?

How bad people in Africa and any filthy poor country in the world are in serious need of food, starving to death not having enough healthy food for them and their family and children?

How I can spend the money I just spent on something else more beneficial like buying books for my nieces and nephews, presents for my family and stuffs like that which are more meaningful and thoughtful?

Or maybe how I can just keep the money?

It saddens me remembering that some people are not as lucky as I am.
It really strikes me now that I have to really think wisely before using my money.
It's like the one in the movie "Confession of the Shopaholics" where you ask yourself "do I need this?" whenever you are buying anything.

I know sometimes I too need to indulge myself in something that I really want to, like eating at fancy restaurants, buying some.....or rather a few piece of designer clothes, branded shoes and so on.
But that does not mean that i get to go over board right?

Yeah, now I really have come to my senses.

There are so much more than just all those worldly things.

I have been thinking about this, about how pathetically ungrateful monster of big spender I am.

It's all about making the right and wise decision about how and where to spend your money.

It's like how people always say it,

"It's mind over matter"

Be wise and smart!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Commitment scare

This one thing has been haunting me these past few days.
I do not know why but somehow, it keeps popping out in my head.

My friends got married last week.
They have been together since we were in secondary school, Form 2 if I am not mistaken.

So, I was kind of happy and at the same time, slightly shocked and was in disbelief that they are now married and living a life as a husband and wife.
I still cannot imagine being in such position at a very young tender age of 22.

The thought of having someone new in your life, someone you have to take care, be with and committed to for your whole life is crazy and scary.
Maybe for the time being because I may be not ready for such a commitment.

I still cannot see myself in that situation.
I admit that I am abso-bloody-lutely not ready for it.
Knowing me myself, I am still jumping around, acting childishly at times like a little kiddo.
How on mother earth will I be able to take care of someone's daughter at this time of my life?
Ooooh, that's scary!

I have to admit that at this point, I have realized the kind of responsibilities that I will have in future.
It really hit me so badly.

I have to say that there a few plans that I have laid down for my future.
It sounds funny but I do want to be extremely ready when the time comes for me to go through such a phase in my life.

So, that's it.
For the time being, I will just go with the flow.
Enjoy life as much as I can........

....while I can do so.

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