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-Dale Turner-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Commitment scare

This one thing has been haunting me these past few days.
I do not know why but somehow, it keeps popping out in my head.

My friends got married last week.
They have been together since we were in secondary school, Form 2 if I am not mistaken.

So, I was kind of happy and at the same time, slightly shocked and was in disbelief that they are now married and living a life as a husband and wife.
I still cannot imagine being in such position at a very young tender age of 22.

The thought of having someone new in your life, someone you have to take care, be with and committed to for your whole life is crazy and scary.
Maybe for the time being because I may be not ready for such a commitment.

I still cannot see myself in that situation.
I admit that I am abso-bloody-lutely not ready for it.
Knowing me myself, I am still jumping around, acting childishly at times like a little kiddo.
How on mother earth will I be able to take care of someone's daughter at this time of my life?
Ooooh, that's scary!

I have to admit that at this point, I have realized the kind of responsibilities that I will have in future.
It really hit me so badly.

I have to say that there a few plans that I have laid down for my future.
It sounds funny but I do want to be extremely ready when the time comes for me to go through such a phase in my life.

So, that's it.
For the time being, I will just go with the flow.
Enjoy life as much as I can........

....while I can do so.

2 Comment:

Melancholic Fool said...

a very very wise person once told that in other for us to grow up we need to have some responsibilities... we will grow as we move along and i really really think she is right...

dont worry, when it is the time for a child(like u n me) to have a responsibility as large as that of a husband... we will rise to the occasion... insyaALLAH kalau diiringi dgn doa dan juga usaha...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

horribly terrifying!

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