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Monday, January 25, 2010

A day out at Mines

Despite the fact that I am in a state of an economic crisis now (exaggerating), I still managed to go out last Saturday with Yvonne and Edz.

I didn't even plan to go out last weekend.

But, Iwas just too desperate to be true to out to buy some stuffs.

So, Idecided to just follow them to Mines Shopping Fair.
Mines is not a normal place for me to go out to, but on that particular day Mines would be okay though. Hehe
We walked around, window shopping cos' obviously we have no money to just simply buy things.

And I decided to stopped by the Guardian store to buy some stuffs.

when I was about to make the payment at the counter, to my surprise that this people were not providing plastic bags for the stuffs I bought.

I was kind of like "damn! How am i supposed to carry all these stuffs?"

I was lucky enough to have this small little Kipling bag of mine who had been my saviour on that day.

The fact is that it is small. But i guess it is nough to carry stuffs i bought there.


After that, we headed to Giant Supermarket in the Mines itself to buys some foods of course. Human needs need to be fulfilled.

Yvonne and I bought some foods and again, at the counter, we were again taken by surprise when the cashier asked "Do you have a bag so that we can put all your stuffs inside?"

Again I went like "What?"
Since we did not bring some luggage-huge-size bag on that day, we had to pay 20 cents for a plastics which Yvonne and I had to share to carry our stuffs.

These phenomenon of no-more-plastic-bag-given-for-stuffs-you-purchase is a part of the "GO GREEN' campaign.

How on earth wouldn't I know about it?
So, we shared the plastic bag up until we reached college and of course after that, we had to split.

So, being a gentleman myself (ehem ehem) and since I had a bigger bag than her, I took and cramped all the stuffs i bought inside my bag and this is how it looked like.

It looked as if I just shop-lifted some stuffs from the store and hid in inside my bag.

Then, I found that almost all stores are participating in this campaign and it applies only on Saturday.

So, lesson learned is " Do take note of what's happening around you"


On that day itself, we also had the opportunity to take the Free Shuttle Bus from Mines Shopping Fair back to UPM.

Not only it is comfortable and spacious, there were also very few people on it.

Wonderful. So much better than the UPM bus.

For those who would like to try hopping on the bus, there are a few pick up areas.
It's fun + comfy, trust me.

3 Comment:

Farhana Syahira said...

mer..im glad tat u realize bout d 'green campaign'..but i tot tat it supposd to be on monday n not saturday..yeah almost 4got tat v r separatd by 2 states..hehe..
eniwae,juz enjoy the moment to appreciate litta things around us which v rarely did..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

time to get those tacky recycling bags huh? :D

huinee said...

i was charged cant remember 20cent/50cents for a plastic bag at watson the other day... i was taken aback too..that's why nowadays i go out with my big esprit bag...muahahaha...

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