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-Dale Turner-

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trust Issue

I have problem with trusting people now.

I don't know who I can trust these days.

It is just hard cos' no one seems to be true enough.

Except for some of course, those I never doubt their honesty, friendship, trust and loyalty to me.

And for the rest...I just cannot simply trust you people.

There is some fear in me that people will betray me by revealing anything I tell them, though they know it should not be told to others.

Sometimes, I feel like there is no reason for me to keep lamenting or dwelling on the fact that some people are just plain bitches made from hell. They cannot be trusted. Therefore, why bother befriending them, right?

I never worry about not having as much frineds like other people do.
For me, studying here is just temporary.
After this, like another 1 year and a half, I won't be meeting you people any more, except for some true friends I have.
So I don't bother to kiss your ass, or telling you people the rest of my whereabouts, what I am doing and whatever.
I do not have to do that cos' it ain't worth it.

I learn my lesson.
I trusted people so much before this, and finally truth came out and it hurt.
But, I should not be defeated by it.
It shold make me stronger.
I guess that's just one phase of life that almost everyone, or maybe just everyone has to go through.
And I believe in karma.
God knows, and what goes around comes around.
I believe in that.
I am aware of the fact that I need to be nice and kind to people, and nice and good things will come back to me.

This trust issue is really a big deal for me.
I tell you that my trust is not something I hand out easily.
So, yeah, that is that.

Now, my aim to get my first class degree.
I want to excel in my studies, and plan everything for my future.
These little tiny miny tirvial around me...let's not just simply say bye bye to them, but I will put them aside first.
Sometimes, ignorance is really a bliss.
There are more to my life.
And that's what I am looking forward too.

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Hamba Malam said...

apa pasai ni memer..
sape yg betray hang tu..
meh cite kt aku..
aku ni boleh caye nye..
damn..nice A**!

huinee said...

i was like you before, trusting people like i drink water and turns out people saying i am emotional and complicated..
sometimes, its good to be 'quiet' where u keep everything to yourself except for certain people...
my aunt always tells me
"You can change yourself but not others, so change yourself".
Semetimes it is very hard to undertsatnd this statement but I realise that it doesn't matter what THEY like to do, it matters better when it concerns about what you do and want...
So, you don't have to think about what they do to you: betray... etc...
Just stay cool, blog about it and make the changes...
For eg, you know you cannot trust this friend, then don't trust anymore...
Yup, I really really do believe in karma, it is the first thing that comes to my mind everytime I want to do something...
Sometimes, I hate a person so much that I really feel like making him/her miserable but Karma stops me...
So, I just blog about it, or reflect on myself on what i should do next....
Someone who has the karma principle with himself or herself will help him or her becomes a bettre person better...
So, look at the bright side...
I guess we are in the same shoes...
i feel betrayed and not appreciated when I show much concern to my friends and sharing so much (notes, and etc, not emotions or secret)but they turn out being so selfish to me and forgetting the existence of me...
And I also have a friend whom I am always being nice to but always bully me like I don't have feelings...
So, now, my focus is just the same as you... first class honours... and collecting motivations and courage to take up masters... =)
So, mer, lets strive for this aims together... and try other very best.. and ignore those who try to demotivate us.. \(^o^)/

jesseri said...

don't worry bout friends that u don't trust..
i'm sure there are dozen of ur friends who are trustworthy rather than the few that bugs ur mind..
btw, live life to the fullest and don't worry bout little things that might ruin ur day...
peace :)

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