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Friday, April 2, 2010

I want this semester to end now!

Today is Friday.
And I bet you guys already know that i don;t normally have class on Friday because I am super brilliant in arranging my schedule and timetable for my classes.
But, today for the first time in this semester, I had a replacement class with one of my lecturers.
Bummer. Hate it because I had to wake up so early in the morning on a freaking Friday which I normally don't.
But, it was alright because I am always a good student who love attending classes (ahem ahem).

Anyway anyhoo, we were given surprises today.
A good one and a bad one though.

Let's start with the bad one though.
This week is supposed to be the 13th week and next week is going to be the last week here in the campus, which also suggests that finals is just around the corner and I don't like it!!
But, the lecturer whom I had the replacement class with today just gave us a shock of our life by giving us another assignment.
We were so shocked that I felt like dying (exaggerating).
But, thank God that it was a very simple one, i mean very simple!!
And o I really thank God for that because I could not help to have another heavy assignment to work on.

On another happier sunshine la la la in the morning glory, she also gave us a very interesting and great news too.
As you supposedly already know, I am becoming a teacher and there is this one conference this organization called MICELT is organizing this coming May which will be great conference to attend.
And guess what?
My classmates and I get to attend the conference for free!!!

Tell me it's real??

Yes. It is for real.

My seniors had the opportunity to attend the same conference in 2008 and now we get the same opportunity too.

It will be held in Melaka on May 11 to May 13th at Equatorial Hotel, Malacca and all our expenses; food, accommodation and so on will be covered by...I don't know who.
I guess it could probably be our faculty or whoever but I don't care.
What is important is that I get to go for free.
I will treat that conference in Melaka as a vacation.
It does not hurt to kill two birds with one stone if you can do so, right?

I am so looking forward to that.
But before that, let me remind you and myself that I have a battlefield to go down to.
Oh Lord! Please make it happen.
I need to get a 4.00 GPA this semester.
Wish me the best of luck!

Excuse me for now.
I have some work to do.
This semester ain't over yet bitch!!

5 Comment:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you're gonna take back that wish when u come back to jb! btw, enjoy the micelt! 5 star hotel, AMAZING food...aaaah...

Natasha Basok said...

eyh,eyh, meaning u r freaking ready back to jb eyh? irony! hehe,
best of luck, malacca is such my fav place, njoy yaw!

MeMeR said...

That's not what i meant.
I just wanted everything to be over. It is too much to take already!

hojiayiing said...

4.0, all the best! u can do it. ah...i've yet to experience the joy of scoring four flat! =) lets go melacca a few days earlier, i like the cowboy town =)

MeMeR said...

yeah,lets enjoy in malacca!!

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