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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giraffe Shoes

Last Sunday, I went ot Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) with MamiHaHa for the 1st ever "Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition".
It was held from the April 2nd until April 4th.

Hectic and crazy it was.

We decided to go on Sunday because we thought that it might be less congested and only very few people would be coming on that due to the F1 race in Sepang.

Wrong we were!

They were ocean of people and we were almost drowning in there.

As we reached the place, we were welcomed and wow'ed by Professor Dato' Dr Jimmy Choo's shoe couture named as the "Million Dollar Shoe Showcase Gallery". Tthe shoe couture currently being exhibited only in London will feature Professor Dato' Dr Jimmy Choo's ten of his most successful creations.

We were like blown away, not so much by the exquisite design of the shoes but greatly by the price of every pair of the shoes.Damn!! It was crazily expensive.

The most expensive one costs like RM380,000!!!
I can buy a freaking damn house or some freaking luxurious sports car with that amount of money.
Nevertheless, I guess the money is worth the quality and the authentic and one-in-a-million design by Datuk Jimmy Choo.

There were also some other brands of shoes presented and exhibited during the exhibition.

And I was mostly really interested about this one brand of shoes.

It is the Giraffe Shoes.

It is basically a brand which is specialized in manufacturing elevator shoes that increase height by 6 – 10 cm. It is the only leading brand in Malaysia, or Asia to be exact which probably has this sort of technology which can enhance one's height.

Isn't it cool?

Yes, I find it interesting and cool. The first time I got to know about this shoes on facebook, I was already fascinated and interested in looking at how the shoes look like, and I was really keen to also get a pair of it because, obviously, I am a short candle. I am 170cm, which only equals to 5'7. Sigh

Nonetheless, whatever.

So, the million dollar question is....did I buy the shoes?

Of course I did and it is not only 6cm tall, or 7cm tall, but it is the one 10cm tall!

Photos from here
How about that bitch!
With that shoes, it makes me 10cm taller=180cm=5'11".
How about that?Haha.
I got a special 10% discount for that exhibition only.
So cool.
Aren't you interested?
I bet you are.
You can always go to their website to check out the latest designs available or you can just go straight to their Showroom at Berjaya Times Square on the 7th floor.

Oh seriously, I can't wait to put that shoes on!!!
Will post a picture of me with the brand new shoes.
p/s: To all short shorties out there, no offence intended. It is alright being short. There is nothing good about being tall though. Just saying.

3 Comment:

hojiayiing said...

wow, 10cm is alot! hvnt notice u wearing it... *waiting* btw, Dr. Jimmy Choo's RM380K reli shocked me..never know a pair of shoes can cost such a price..he sure can feed many homeless n hungry children out thr..

Mark said...

hahaa....but u still cant do me short hahahahha...tall as ever...

MeMeR said...

Jia Yiing : Me thinks so too..
Mark: Whatever

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