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Thursday, April 8, 2010


As the name of the entry suggests, this will be a mixed entry.
It's a quick one though.
I will basically write almost everything in here.
Get ready to read different stuffs alright.

First and foremost,it is my honor to inform you guys that my beloved laptop is officially dead.
After a long time of being bed-ridden and sick, the laptop is officially broken down for good.
Have been using it for 5 good years.
After so much of contribution and sacrifice it made, after so much misery and sufferings we went through together, we are finally destined to be apart forever.
I am so going to miss you.
Condolences to me.
Like seriously, I need a new laptop.
But I don't know where to get the money to buy one.
I have to figure that one out as soon as possible.

Today was the last day of lectures for this semester.
It is kind of sad because my time in UPM is over and I'll be back in the place where only misery, sufferings and horror are known in that place.
I am also going to miss some of the lecturers here.
They are nice and cool people though I know some will not agree with me but whatever.
To Cik Pah, Dr. Arshad, Dr. Noreen, Miss Dzeelfa, I am going to miss you all.
To Madam Ju.....alright,fine. Going to miss you too.

with Miss Dzeelfa today


Finals will start next week. It's crunch time again in UPM.

All the best to all!!!


This is the best part of all.

I am going back home tomorrow.

Finals will only start on the 21st.

So we have a huge gap before the first paper starts.

Going to be home for 5-6 days. So happy!!

I will see you guys next week once I am back in the campus.


4 Comment:

hojiayiing said...

it's good to be home. really, esp when everything seemed crushing down, n now, u r away fr all the worries. i hope this vacation wont end, but..sigh, can't wait for finals to end. haha..irony. hv a good break pal! ask fr fama for a new laptop =) or consider the hp free tm netbook =)

...CiKdiDa... said...

memer...asal ko ltak gmbo dgn mis dz?? ces!! ahaha....*sje mnyemak kt page ko*

Mark said...

ermmm wait for the scandalous pic of me hahahhaaa...

MeMeR said...

Jia Yiing : Already asked,getting new one soon,hehe
Dida : Apsal ko nak jeles?motif nyer?haha
Mark: Bring it on Biatch!!

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