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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I bet some of you already know about the death of one Malaysian singer, Achik.
He was the lead singer of a popular band called Spin.
He died in an accident two days ago.

What I wanna share here is a story happened the day before his tragic death.
I was at home with my sister watching the "Gah1" show which he was on right before the accident.
I honestly had never really wathced that show before but out of the blue, I actually watched it with my sister.
And I actually followed the show, the interview they had with Achik on that show.
And I did watch him singing at the end of the show too.

The next day on sunday while waiting for my bus at the bus station, I came across the news headline on Kosmo newspaper which said "Achik Spin meninggal kemalangan".
I was really in disbelief as I just saw him on tv the day before.
I immediately texted my sister to inform her about it and she had also read the newspaper.

What I wanna say is that, it is really sudden and shocking to me.
I just saw him on the show the day before and the next thing I know the next morning, he is dead.
It was a live show and just imagine.

It is as if i just encountered with him though.
Although I don't really know him personally, but it is really sad.
Condolences to his entire family for the great loss.

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