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-Dale Turner-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why do they do this?

This is something very shocking to me.
I mean really surprising to the max.
I just got to know from some reliable sources that some of my friends are secretly involved in shop-lifting.
I was struck by surprise to know that my friends would actually go to that extent only for the sake of looking great and god damn fabulous.
All this while, i thought that they do really afford to buy all the stuffs they own with their money.
But i was just wrong.
I don't know what they have been thinking all this while.
Have they ever thought about the consequences??
Yes? No?
Definite NO!!
Because I strongly believe they are still doing it.
I got to know these because some of these so called friends of mine were already caught recently for shoplifting at this one shopping complex.
It was so embarassing.
All this while, they have been so arrogant about what they own, in a way trying to show off what they have....rather what they have stolen to me.
Oh please people, you disgust me!!
FYI people, i buy all my stuffs with my money and i can afford them all.
And for thoe shoplifter friends of mine, you guys are nothing near me, nothing of my standard.
You must be wondering who they actually are?
I have so many friends and i leave it for y'all to figure out who they are.
Before that, let me remind you shoplifters again,
Better stop with what you guys are doing because if you get caught, God knows what the consequences you will get.

(This is fictitious and has got nothing to do with anyone,dead or alive,hehehehe)

4 Comment:

C. Dorhat said...

sape tu?

MeMeR said...

Hahahaha,for you to find out cynth,
its very P&C

Melancholic Fool said...

you have got to be kidding me... is this true?

MeMeR said...

Of course,
what good i get to lie in my own blog,
but who are they?
let the names be with me,
if you are really keen to know,
go find out on your own,
they may be one of us or they may not be,

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