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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Over Dramatic.. Yes? NO?

My friends and I went KLPAC today to buy tickets for this coming Thursday's theater/play,
'The Diary of A Madman'
So, i went out at 2 pm and came back around 9pm,
i obviously knew about the Earth Day that people around the world were celebrating today,
and i knew that it was gonna be dark from 8.30 to 9.30 pm because people would be switching off lights and minimise the use of electricity.
However, i was struck by huge surprise once i reached my hostel,
every floor of my hostel building was dark and i freaked out like hell.
I mean my room was on the top floor, 5th floor to be excat and i had to climb up the stairs all the way up in the dark.
It was creepy as if i was walking up an abandoned haunted building.
Ok,it sounded dramatic already. FINE!!
That was still ok until i reached the top floor,
it was freaking dark and i saw light in one of my friend's room,
i immediately went to the room and.........OEMGEE!!!
It was only the light butthey even witch off the fan and almost all the electrical stuffs they have in the room.
I mean yeah,you are supporting EARTH DAY and i am too.
But should it be so dramatic to the extent that fans had to be switched off as well and you stayed in a hot steaming room?

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