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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friends you treasure for life...

I know it 's pretty too late to write about this but I must. I insist to!
Last week on Wednesday, a bunch of girls, emmmm, and  a guy friend from K12 debate team came down to Johor Bahru to pay us a visit.
It was so overwhelming because these girls drove all the way from JB just to visit us here.
We, the boys, may not be as adventurous like them.
Hats off to them especially to the most dangerously extreme driver, Ash. LOL.

We didn't get to show them around that much because you know, in Maktab, you can't stay over night outside the campus coumpound after 11, so we had to rush.
We initially wanted to bring them to the Portuguese Chicken which I wrote about earlier, but unfortunately, it was closed as soon as we reached there. T_T

Since these kiddos really wanted to see Danga Bay, we brought them over to Singgah Selalu, another famous dining spot near Danga Bay.
These are some of the photos taken. Photo credit goes to Onn Onn. 

I love this photo. <3

Just so you know, this is Yap, the only guy coming with these girls. You lucky guy!

We took part in some football contest they had there and none of us won. Haha

 Something happened at this time, but shall not talk about it here. It was scary, but funny at the same time. Sorry, can't help it! 

Ehem Ehem!! Phewit!

So, the next day, after class ended, we immediately went to the hotel they rented for the night to bring them out, again to the Portuguese Chicken.
I didn't know why but we thought that they must try it once.
So, we went there for lunch and happy time, we were lucky this time!

At Hotel Seri Malaysia, where they stayed at for the night.

Cikgu Cikgi,haha

I told you I simply love the chicken!!!

Have I told you that the Egg Tart is also yummy? 



 Azhar, checking his baby,hahaha

The boys went back right after that, because obviously, boys are not into walking around places like malls. I guess??
And these girls actually came to our maktab before heading back to KL.
Wasn't that sweet?
It was so kind of them, we were very touched you know?

I even heard that one of the girls actually cried on their way leaving the college.
Who could that be?

These are the kind of friends you would want to treasure forever. People who truly appreciate you as friends.
They make such great companions and trust me, they are just awesome.
We felt bad for not being able to make much time for them.
but I guess, there's always a next time right?
Hope to see you guys soon.
Thanks for the special visit!

2 Comment:

Stella said...

hahaha! I love you memer! and love the pic where azhar is checking his baby ahaks! funny!

Memer said...

You guys are awesome too!
Me <3 y'all!

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