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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First post in TWO ZERO ONE ONE from JB

I think I was among the first to come back to IPGKTI this semester.

Not that I was that excited about coming back here.

But, I don't know. Fate brought me here today. Hahahahaahahaha.

I would normally be the last person to come back but today was slightly different.
Maybe because I was following Farah today in her car, so here I am, a lonely boy, stranded in a place, on a land, unfamiliar to him, all alone without people he loves, away from home, missing everyone and everything.

Argh, I couldn't take it. Perhaps, it was still early and the two month holidays made it slightly difficult for me to adapt myself to this place again, for the very LAST time, I guarantee you.

This is among the moments I wish time would fly as fast as it could.

There's no other place I wanna be at right now but HOME.

Very typical of me especially when the new semester begins. 

Only a few months left before I wrap the whole thing up, get everything over and done with, and pray hard to Allah that I get posted back to my hometown, so I can be in a place where my heart is, HOME SWEET HOME.

Just so you know, 2011 will be one hell of a big year for me.

I am going out for my practicum/teaching practice for the very first time in my six years of studying as a future TESL teacher. ~that's gonna be a tough one, with no doubt at all. Gotta pass in order to graduate~

I am gonna get the hell out of this place in JUNE! ~look forward to that~

Which also means that I am gonna graduate soon after that. ~yeay, graduation day~

I am gonna start working in July.

Everything is HUGE this year! Definitely not gonna be an easy merry year for me.

But after all, this is what I signed up for, right? Hahaha, serve me right!

Room is still a mess, waiting for people to come and take their stuffs out of my room. My room was the store room last semester for these people to keep in their things during the holidays. Quite a bummer, the room looks as if it just got hit by a hurricane. Stuffs, boxes, clothes, lying around everywhere in every part and inch of my room. Couldn't care, so long I have my own bed to myself to sleep soundly and comfortably tonight, everything is fine with me.

Argh, so much to think about I am so tired. Cannot go one! Cannot take it anymore.

Must go to sleep and rest.

After the long journey today, I need a good nice long rest and sleep tonight.

That's how my 1st of JANUARY 2011 was/ is like.

Argh! I am missing HOME so badly right now! 

I am going to quietly cry on my ugly bed tonight, wishing I was HOME instead of here!

Sob Sob Sob (T_T)

Toodles :'(

6 Comment:

Rapunzel Rambut Pendek said...

IPG KTI???? awesome.....
mwn kad dulu..

Memer said...

Main kad? cis bukan reti pun,nnti kalah kena kutuk dgn wan kedok,hahahahaha ;p

ninezero said...

i like~..

Memer said...

Me doesn't like,hahahaha

hUiYi said...

oh..u still have us here! lets appreciate this one last semester being together here=)

Memer said...

Yes, you guys are the reason that keeps me going here. And the VOLLEYBALL! hahaha

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