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Saturday, January 29, 2011

TOPMAN Slim Fit Blazer

I was ONE HAPPY person yesterday! *happydance*

Before that, I am actually back at home now. Just arrived around 4 something and it was a fun journey from JB with Farah, Dharmini and Ed. It was an awesome trip although I actually slept almost throughout the whole entire journey. Such useless me. Hahaha

Anyhoo, why was I happy?

Jeng Jeng Jeng.


I did not get myself a MacBook Pro or a brand new iPhone4 or iPad or what! NO! I couldn't afford those.

I am not Kamarul, okay! *pun intended* LOL

But yeah, I did purchase something which I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I have been meaning to get myself a nice casual jacket/ blazer but they are no cheap, you know.

So yesterday, I went to Jusco Tebrau with Azhar and Kamarul, the proud owner of MacBook Pro, to look for some good stuffs I could get for myself. Apprently, my hands itched so badly for the past few days since my allowance was in. Obviously, I needed to get something for myself and I did.

I walked into TOPMAN store, which is the must-visit store for me in Jusco Tebrau.

Yes! I am a TOPMAN whore? So? Hahaha

So, I initially planned to get myself a nice formal office wear button down shirt from TOPMAN. But the one I wanted was not available in my size. So, I decided not to buy it here and will check them out in KL instead.

While I was browsing through some new pieces and collections at the store, I immediately saw this beautiful blazer which I always wanted to have.

I went to reach for it and to my surprise, it was on sale.

You know how normally when some items are on sale, you can hardly get them perfectly in your size because they are all taken?

But NO! This blazer I was looking at was perfectly my size, an M size that is.

And to add to that, I had more reason to buy it because the original price of rm369 was reduced to rm149.

Could you die? Yes, I could and that was why, without second thought, I grabbed the blazer, tried it out and brought to the counter and paid for it!

Yes, I just purchased an RM149 blazer! *happyface*

I like the detail of white lining on the pocket.
I like it that it has a few pockets inside

I didn't even hesitate to get this one because it was effin cheap. Who, in their right mind, would not want to buy this when the price was reduced rm220 from the original price?

Definitely a best buy for me this month! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


2 Comment:

hUiYi said...

it's really super nice one! congrats!!:)

Melancholic Fool said...

kenapa ku tak perasan ko beli bende ni?

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