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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had a little conversation with a friend who came over to my room last night.

Out of nowhere, we suddenly were talking about some FASHION-related stuffs.

I didn't know how that came about because I was actually busy doing some work and suddenly the topic popped out.

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with the brand TOPMAN.

I have almost everything TOPMAN.

So we were talking a little bit about why and how much I love the brand.

But a little something that really got my attention during the conversation was when this friend of mine told me that he was kinda concerned about what he was wearing.

He was, or maybe still is concerned about how people perceive himself by what he wears.
I find that ridiculous!

He told me he bought a T-Shirt from TOPMAN and he only wore it like once/twice (I couldn't really remember) before he gave it to a friend.

People commented that he looked so GAY (not GAY as in HAPPY, but GAY as in HOMOSEXUAL) when he wore the t-shirt. (the t-shirt had a bit of a pink stitch/lining or whatever you call it on the neck, YUCKS).

Maybe it's the pink thing on the neck or something, blame the fugly ugly PINK (I am not really a PINK fan), but I personally think that NO ONE should be judged or perceived by others for what they wear.

That is so BLOODY ridiculous because you are not defined by what you wear, TO A CERTAIN DEGREE of course.

But in my friend's ridiculously-it-really-irritates-me story, I could not really agree with how people around him made such a remark about the innocent t-shirt he had on.

I know the pink thing could, in some way, get on my nerves too but heck, the t-shirt is so fine to me.

I have a similar t-shirt too (without the PINK thing on the neck, of course), so it really bothered me when people said stuffs like that about the t-shirt because I own one and I dig it.

The V-neck like t-shirt with some buttons on it is pretty much one of the t-shirts I like wearing because it is so comfortable.

This is the similar t-shirt I was talking about. I am in all TOPMAN head to toe.
 And FYI, I have so many different t-shirts from TOPMAN too.

So, does it mean that all this while, I looked so effing GAYish when I was wearing them without anyone telling me?

For those who think so, FUCK YOU and GET A LIFE!

I mean, it's just a fucking t-shirt. So, what's a big deal about it? 

I don't know for whatever reasons would such MONKEYS make such comments about the t-shirt but heck, you are absoBLOODYlutely wrong!

If you think I am gonna stop wearing or probably hand it over to somebody else, I won't.

Because I don't see anything wrong with my wearing that kind of t-shirts.

For people out there, don't bother. Just wear whatever you feel like to, as long as it is decent, looks good on you, doesn't show too much skin, covers up for the girls especially for the Muslim girls, age appropriate and most importantly, you feel COMFORTABLE and good in them. 

For the suckers, SCREW them! They are just a bunch of friggin losers.

And as for my LOVE for TOPMAN, it will be pretty much the same.

TOPMAN all the way! Cheers!


2 Comment:

hUiYi said...

ya..u r right! if u care about it so much here then how about when u r out of here? when i was in india and china..people's perception of fashion are so much different across the boundaries..so by that time how would u judge which one is the best then? indeed, just be urself and wear what u like..c'mon, life is so shORT!=)

Memer said...

We are completely on the same page darling! Great!

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