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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blissful day

Today was the first day of lecture here at IPGKT.
There's nothing much to write about that.
But wait! Ooooh yeah, we met the new head of department for the very first time and ................................*long sigh*

It is such a waste of time for me to blog about how it is like to be here, staying here, studying here and so on.
You can get a massive dosage of that on my senior's blog, Absolutely Wicked for what she had gone through during her final year here.

As usual, the boredom has got to be killed!
So, without a second thought, I with my partners in crime, FarahTheFairy, SivaTheDiva and DharminiKutty immediately decided to go out to City Square.
The main target, our long missed favourite food at City Square...

The Famous Portuguese Chicken.

Love everything about the shop.
A small shop, very simple yet offers great foods and the best egg tarts in the freaking world!!

I think most of my friends have,at least once, tried this before and they should know how delicious it is.
Ooo,I have been craving for this for the longest time in the world and it was blissful to get to have it again today, especially with these two!
 Love you two monkeys!!! :P

2 Comment:

Anonymous said...

oiii...monkeys ekk...haha!we're cute ones..haha...thx for uploading...now i get to change my profile pic on fb.heee

Memer said...

Eh, i thought i sent the photos to you already?
No biggie!!

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