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-Dale Turner-

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello my old friends...

As you know, it has been like almost 2 months since my holidays started.

It has been bliss and a blast being at home, doing basically nothing after a long excruciating semester.

So, I have another 2 semesters, which is a year more, for me to complete the 6 long years of my studies.

And I am soon going back to the place where this entire journey first started.

For most of my old high school friends, they have actually finished their studies and I feel so jealous that they are now moving to another stage in their life.

All of them are now busy looking for jobs and it feels so good seeing everyone successfully completed their studies.

I feel very happy for them too.

But sadly, it has been ages since I last met any one of them, including those who are close to me.

It’s kinda sad that we do not get to meet up with each that often.

Holidays are the best times for us to meet up and sit down for a coffee and have a little catching up with each other.

However, despite me wanting to see them so badly, it seems kind of odd that I dread going out of the house during this holidays, even when I got asked by my friends.

I do not know why but I do not feel like going out that often anymore.

Home feels sooooooo good and I am so lazy to get out of the house.

Maybe, I have reached the point where, you know, I won’t go out when I don't need to do so, when there is no necessity for me to go out.

It’s like, sometimes I think I need not go out because it will only waste my time.

My time is better spent for sometimes more fun, like television, lazing on my bed, staying home with my family or at least reading magazines books or something.

Hey, it’s not like I get to do this that often especially when the new semester starts.

But honestly, I do want to spend time with old friends, especially those I have not seen in ages!

Maybe, when the time is right, we could probably hang out somewhere, all of us!
A gathering or a reunion perhaps?

Just saying!

To all my old friends, I miss you all so much!

Do keep in touch, I know you know my number!

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