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-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

France oh France

All this while, I always love New York and I have always wanted to go to New York, for crying out loud! That’s a dream of the little mini me! haha
But now, I have another place which I’d love very much to go every year, if not so, once in my lifetime.
This time around, my target is France.
It’s not Eiffel tower or the big heavyweight fashion houses like Hermes or Louis Vuiton or Yves Saint Laurent or Paul Smith that I want to visit.
 It is something that may have never ever come across your mind but it does on mine.
Still can’t figure it out?
It’s actually the French Tennis Open Championship or also known as Roland Garos.
If you are a true sports person which I am not, you may have known about the tournament because it is THE tournament which every tennis player would dream to play in.
After all, it is the Grand Slam., people!
So, this year is the second year I watch the tournament and it always astonishes me with the level of games they have, and the most importantly is, the massive stadium/courts they have.
It is so amazing that I want to get myself into the court playing like a true pro tennis player watching the extremely high intense games from all the professional players as they go against each other.
From Federer, Nadal, Williams sisters, Soderling and all the other great tennis players in the world, I always get chills every time watching them play.
I just cannot imagine how thrilling and exciting it can be to be in the court watching the matches live.
How I wish someone would grant my wish to go see the whole two week tournament someday?
Anyways, tennis has been one of my favourite games since I started watching and following the sports last year.
Maybe, that marks the beginning of me playing tennis someday, perhaps?
Haha, who knows right?
What do you think? Anyone?

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