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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some story to share..

This is a story about a guy friend of mine.
This friend of mine hated this another friend of mine to death.
I believe that he really really really really hated this another friend of mine for some solid good reason.
But i don't really care because people hate and like each other.
I still remember that this one friend of mine hated this another friend of mine that he really wanted to take revenge on him.
That was about 2 months ago when he told me that.
Frankly, when he told me that,it was a truly honest hatred that he head to this another friend of mine.
And when i told him that people change, he doesn't believe in that.
However,ironically,just recently this one friend of mine suddenly became very close to this another friend of mine.
It's not just a close as in only close friend.
But it's a really very close friend.
Em,it's magical but this one friend of mine changed.
It disgusts me like for real.

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edz87 said...

Life is like that.. Come on! not everyone will like us but I feel sad for both of your friends. Hope they will be "good" one day... =P

MeMeR said...

its a friendship full of hatred and envy,
kinda disgusted by them
magical yet true,

Melancholic Fool said...

got confused, i actually have to read it like three times before i decided that i understood (i think).

but you know, People do change... sometimes in a way that made us think it betray us, to the point that it could be annoying...

but i want to point out that we can also be thankful, that sometimes people change for the better, and i really hope that i am one of them...

I do understand this story(kinda), It IS interesting, you should start putting in XOXO at the end of your blogs(laughs)...

MeMeR said...

then it would sound like Gossip Girl kinda like,
as how malay saying goes like,
'siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas nyer',

Sakti Arjuna said...

what the heck??are they gay?is that what u r trying to say??hurm..

MeMeR said...

They are not, obviously,just that you know how dirty politics in class could be,there are tribes,they hate each other,they backstab,bitch around about others,isnt that sickening??

Melancholic Fool said...


tapi aku da bosan ngan bende alah tu...

to hell la...

kita men badminton lg best!

MeMeR said...

tau xpa,

hojiayiing said...

confusing! same situation as Khan. haha. conclusion, i hate to HATE.

MeMeR said...

me too,
i hate this part right here

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