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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crystal Bracelets

A friend of mine is running a business of selling crystal bracelets.
They are made of SWAROVSKI crystals, real crystals.
I do not know much about this crystal stones, but I myself have already purchased 4 bracelets from her since last year cos' they are really beautiful.
Besides the SWAROVSKI crystal bracelets, she is also selling bath/face towels and many other upcoming stuffs.
To check out more on the products. Do visit her blog at http://classiccrystals.blogspot.com/.

4 Comment:

kamarul said...

cantik but laki xleh pakai. beli tuk akak aku ok kot. brape hinggit eh?

MeMeR said...

of course la beb,i bought them for my sisers as well,and my....
Anyways, for more info, you can contact Nelly or Effah.
Ak dgr olis pun angkat jgak,

Olive said...

aku ske mende2 cmni.

MeMeR said...

Klau cantik beli la.
Dekat Lina dan Effah.
Dekat pali pun bleh order k

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