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Monday, August 2, 2010

Block C is AWESOME Part 1

This is another reasons why I love the place/hostel block I am currently staying right now.
Ignore the post I wrote when I first came back to this place.
I know I am destined to be here because I am super duper in love with this block.
There is no other block which is uber cool, over the top,most actively cheerful fun outgoing block like mine.
Need a reason why?
Check out these pictures.

Great opening by some poltergeists 


Indian dance



There was also fashion show where some specially chosen people were selected to model different kind of outfit. Unfortunately, I do not a nice photo to put up here. So sorry. Hahaha
But, what matters here is that, none of the other hostel block can top this. Not anytime soon or maybe never. Only my lovely block can pull this kind of stuffs. 
With the very encouraging support and help fro our lovely most awesome warden, Mr. Raj, we were able to organize such a grand event. 
The hall was fully filled with audience and crowd from different hostel blocks in the campus. AMAZING!

What more can I ask?
What more can I say? 
This block is just simply awesome and I am loving the fact that I am staying here!

And the more important thing is that I get to know some awesome most outrageous happy go lucky so very friendly friends in this block.
So awesome I wanna cry. Seriously, no joking.
Too bad that some of them are leaving soon as this is their last sem here. :'( 

Whatever it is, you guys are super uber awesome. 
Love you guys SO VERY MUCH!
I am going to enjoy and have as much fun and treasure the last few months I have here in this college before graduating!
This is the memory I will never forget! 

Block C rocks!

p/s: Thanks Hakim for the photos!

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Rapunzel Rambut Pendek said...

pesal muka aku dlm gamba cmtu ek amir????
gaya roy yang tahan tu.. berdoa siap...
gaya padi amat menggedikkan skali..

Memer said...

Ak xperasan plak gambar2 korang,ak cuma perasan gambar ak je,hahahahah

Rapunzel Rambut Pendek said...


Memer said...


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