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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of those people...

So, the ever so lovely Cik Pah came over to JB to pay us a visit yesterday. As our Coordinator back in UPM, she is responsible in keeping herself updated with the whole thing happening here. As usual, Farah, Siva and I were the most excited ones with her coming here.
There were so many stories to share with her and we just couldn't wait to see her.
After class hour, we decided to have lunch with her, and as always, like all the other people who come over and visit us here, we brought Cik Pah to the Portuguese Chicken for lunch.
There's no pictures that I can show you here though.

The best thing about her visit was that she did not come empty handed.
Just so you know, Cik Pah went to England last May and of course, it is definitely a must for her to buy us souvenirs no matter where she goes. It was such a nice gestures for her to buy us a T-Shirt each.
And I had the privilege to become the first person to choose the color of the t-shirt that I wanted.
I chose black, my favorite color, of course.

It is just some simple plain T-Shirt but it's not really a matter. (Though I heard it cost 10 pounds each)
It is the thought that matters. :-)
Thanks Cik Pah for the gift. We all love you!

5 Comment:

Rapunzel Rambut Pendek said...

nak pinjam??? hahahahah

Memer said...

tgokla nnti,mana tahu birthday ko nnti ak bg ke,hahaha

Rapunzel Rambut Pendek said...

besday aku daa lepas laa...

Memer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memer said...

Dah lepas ke? rasa mcm belum,nnti ak check smula, ;p hahaha

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