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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Last year in July, I decided to try on using postpaid line because some of friends realized that I spent so much money on my prepaid,so they thought that it would be best if I switched to postpid.
So I did.
For over a year, I had been using postpaid line.
Until recently I realized that with postpaid I spent so much more than prepaid.
Maybe it's just me but I realize that using postpaid had caused me to overuse the line.

Being a student, it is very definitely not recommended for me to use so much of money on something like that because I should spend them on something more important like food, books and other necessity.
With me using Blackberry and subscribing to Blackberry Internet Service(BIS) by Maxis, I had to pay quite sum of money every month to pay for the charges.
And it just made me realize recently when I had to pay RM 190 for my phone bill, which I found very disturbing and irrelevant in that sense.
I realized that as a student, I am not supposed to be spending so much on my phone bill.
Maybe this only applies to me because I seem to be very careless about my money.

So, the realization I got from that got me into thinking that I should switch back to prepaid line.
And so I did.
I guess it would be best if I just stick to prepaid because I think it's for my good too.
I should always remind myself that I am still a student who still do not have a job and salary to pay for things which do not seem to be important at this moment.
So I guess switching back to prepaid is the best thing for me to do.
There are a lot more things coming my way soon, like my practical teaching and stuffs, which will definitely require a lot of money.
I guess I am just lucky enough to still have supportive family who still give me money when I myself think that I do not deserve it from them.
Maybe,I just need to start to realize that money don't come easily and and they don't grow on trees and start to realize every cent I have.

So what say you?

Are you a loyal user of postpaid or prepaid line?

2 Comment:

Yvonne Ling said...

I'm a postpaid user. hm, I agree it encourages one to spend more cos there's no limit. But the call rate is cheaper (then again i tend to SMS more, cos I'm afraid I might intrude if I call).

I din realise that Blackberry user have to pay that much per month.

if it is that much, I guess prepaid would be better? :)

Memer said...

I think Prepaid also now provides a good call rate for the users. But it depends on how you use it.
Btw, the BB is not the cause of the entire problem, it's ME! hahaha

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