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-Dale Turner-

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 200th post

Exam is over and freedom is all mine now.
At least for the next 2 months. Hehe
I remember the week before the exam week, I was so worried about it but I never started study until a few days before the exam. But heck, it never got me to start studying. I don't know what went wrong but I didn't seem to be that motivated as how I was before. So, I actually went through the exam this semester with hardly no real preparation. But past is past. The damage is done and I am gonna let bygones by bygones.

Anyway anyhoo, this semester has been awesome. So many good things happened, just so many and I am truly grateful and thankful for what I have today, especially the group of friends I have. So many memories shared together and I truly appreciate the friendship. I did so many exciting things and I couldn't care less anymore about anything. As someone keep telling me over and over again, try to make yourself happy no matter what and that's what I am doing now.

These are among the fun things I did and had right before and right after the semester ended, before I headed back home. :)

I went to a state library for the very first time in my life
Minutes after the last paper! haha
Who said I don't play sports. In fact, I am good at this one! Haha
The opponent! Hate them! hahaha
Monkeys! Except me, of course! haha, just kidding!
All ready for the match! Serious mode ON!
Last pose before the match began!
Hello ladies! hahaha
I am awesome! Don't you think so? haha
I am such a talented volleyball player! Wawawawa
Of course we won. Judging from the coordinated jerseys, we already won! daaa
And there was futsal,an awesome game which I suck big time at.

It was one hell of a great way to end the semester. Gong to miss everybody especially Semester 8 buddies! Going to miss every single one of you. Much LOVE to everyone!

2 Comment:

Anonymous said...

wiwit.amir ni bersukan je koje die

dari siang ke malam.

hehehe :p

Memer said...

Yg futsal tu cek xmain ye,sj nak bgtau,tu tumpang nonton saja,hahaha

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