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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pavilion KL-My favvy

Photo from Flickr

For those of you, readers of my blog, you guys should know that I love Pavilion KL so much. It is my favourite ever place to shop. I just love the boutiques and shops in Pavilion. They offer the best fashion lines the world can offer. Hence, there is no surprise why Pavilion KL has recently been recognised as the World Best Retail Centre. I am so very proud of Malaysia. It reportedly has beaten those super cool shopping centres around the world like The 5th Avenue in NYC and Orchard Road in Singapore. I am just so proud, so very very proud. Wanna read more about it? You can read it on Tounge in Chic.
Photo from Flickr

4 Comment:

Cynth Dorhat said...

me love!

MeMeR said...

Me too.
Muah muah muah!!!

Roy said...

Mir...wat laa ruang sembang kt blok ko. Susah laa nk say sumthing. Aper2 pun thanks join my blog...dh bz skit, jarang update. nti aper2 hal aku roger. Hepy2...

MeMeR said...

Ok beb, ak pun baru jumpa blog2 korang,yes, will try to put that thing up later

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