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-Dale Turner-

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Babyface - Drama, Love, 'Lationships

It's not about who's right or who's wrong
It's not about who's weaker or who's strong
It's not about who's innocent or who's fault
It ain't really bout that kinda thing at all
It's not about who does it or done it or did it to who
Don't matter if the both of you lose
It's really not bout nothing except for me and you

It's about drama and love and 'lationships
And when the going gets tough you deal with it
And you don't ever you never walk away from it
You hold on you be strong
It's about drama and trust and making it
If your somebody messed up you dig it in
Don't let nobody come between you you just stay with it
You hold on and be strong
And hold on, yes you do

It's not about the stupid things that we say
We're always saying stupid things anyway
It's not about the secrecy of the lines
Everybody's got a secret to hide
It's not about who was he who was she who's creeping on who
Won't matter if the both of us lose
It's really not bout nothing, except for me and you

Ain't bout your pride
Ain't bout yourself
It's bout the two of you and no one else
Ain't bout the her
Ain't bout the lies
Ain't bout the crazy thing that's running through your mind
It's bout the love that's supposed to last and never dies

5 Comment:

Melancholic Fool said...

wow... u rite poems oso ka...

Jessie Yong said...

I LOVE it. This is what I'm thinking of: drama, love and relationship. Write more :)

edz87 said...

Kinda familiar... hm...

Sean said...

hey...this is babyface's song!!!but the lyric has a very wonderful meaning aite?

MeMeR said...

It is. I dig most of his songs. They are just wonderful.

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