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-Dale Turner-

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Average Joes!!!

Today was really a lucky day.
Finally got to see the Average Joe's crew in person.
No idea who they are?
Come on!
At least you should know Amanda Choe right?
That guy, the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor 2008, Brian Lau?
Mr Average Joe Yik himself?
At least I know them!!
-Me, Average Joe Yik, Pandaa, Brian-

8 Comment:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i dont know them! :D

edz87 said...

I know none of them... Hm... Tapi hensem gak...

MeMeR said...

They are the hottest crew to me. Sempoi and simple,very average.....

MeMeR said...

Anyways, Amanda is so pretty in person!!

rainbow said...

memer cannot resist if he meets any celebrity.He will snap pictures with them at the moment itself..haha

Average Joe's said...

Hahaha.. MeMer you're by far our favvy Malaysian Average Joe's.. Nice meeting ya!

MeMeR said...

Like seriously??
Come on!!
You are being too kind here!!
Anyways nice meeting y'all too!!

ReinaGOD said...

Been following their blogs since you "introduced" them here.. Kinda cool.. I like them.. =)

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