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Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Bazar to Nando's

I have not been out for quite a longest time.
Been very lazy to go out during this ramadhan month.
Been very very busy with workloads too.
Theatre thing, assignments and others.

So today,I finally got to go out with a few of my juniors to Mid Valley.
It was very packed today at Mid Valley.
Loads of people were there,for raya shopping I reckon.

I was planning to get a hair cut, but in the end cancelled the idea.
Instead, we walked and walked around waiting for the time to break the fast.

Anyways, we were so lucky today.
Breaking fast was a treat by non other than our lovely senior, Miss Myra.
She was there too, simply wanting to give us a treat.
We went to Kenny but the place was fully booked although it was only 3.30 pm.
Thank God Nando's was still available, so made the reservation and orders as well.
What a wonderful meal I had for breaking fast especially after having nasi ayam/nasi goreng ayam/ nasi ayam rempah from bazar ramadhan over and over again everyday.
Basically, I have never met her before but yeah, we are always connected through Facebook and Twitter.
It was really nice meeting her.
And yeah, thanks again for the treat.
Looking forward to see you again.

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