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Monday, March 29, 2010

Crocs-style bag

Woke up early this morning.
Getting ready for 10 am class.
Went out early around 9.25, took bus, and reached the campus and .....


Class has been cancelled and darn it.
Seriously, I really do not like this kind of sudden-no class-today-news when you are already at the class. It is dissappointing.
Nevertheless, I would not mind it because at least I got to go online and update as much as I want.

Speaking of which, I visited BryanBoy.com as usual like I do everyday.
And holy moly, I found this bag "Crocs"-style bag made by Lubber on his website.
I dig it. I love it. I want it in black.

Love Love Love.
To read more about it, visit BryanBoy.com.

2 Comment:

huinee said...

cool... haha...

MeMeR said...

Imagine me carrying this bag to class with students' books in it??
Darn cool

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