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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping junkie...

Fridays and weekends for this semester have been a blast to me.
Bacause those are the days when I actually get to wake up so late, like 10 or 11 in the morning.
It is awesome because you have ample time to sleep a little longer than you usually do during weekdays where classes start around 8,9 and 10 in the morning.

But of course, I am not really "sleeping junkie" like some of my other friends whom I always observe in the hostel.
There is this one friend of mine who slept right after he came back from class around 12 pm, and he was still sleeping when it was around 12 am.
I am not sure at what time he actually woke up after that.
And if you think that that is just normal, just read this another story.
There was this another friend of mine who told me once that he once slept for 2 days.
I was like "WHAT??!!"
These people are incredible!!
I am so impressed on how they are able to do so.

Enough sleep is indeed important, but too much sleep can be disastrous too.
Students do need enough sleep because it helps you to rejuvenate you body and gives you enough energy to face the day tomorrow.
Because students do a lot of thinking and thinking requires a lot of energy.
That's what research says, I am just qouting, hehe.
As an adult, you need at least 6 hours of sleep.
And not 12 hours or more than that!!

I personally find that when I sleep too long, I easily feel tired when I wake up.
I do not know how far true that is but that's how I always feel.
i even feel more sleepy than ever too.
So, I don't think too much of sleep is good for us.
Okay, maybe not to you people out there but at least to me.

In fact, my room is not "cosy" enough to let me sleep even until 11 am in the morning, what more during the day which is too hot and too sunny especially these days.
Those of you my friends who know how my room looks in the hostel know what I am saying.

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...CiKdiDa... said...

ye ke ko x tdo lame? ari 2 bkn ko tdo smpai mlm kn? huhuhu *pitenah ko*

MeMeR said...

Jgn fitnah ak,xelok..haha

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