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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Important message brought to you by yours truly!!!

This is real funny!

I don't know how and when this thing started but I have this tendency of using lots and lots of exclamation marks especially in my text message!
It is really weird because i can hardly notice it until a friend of mine actally told me about it!
That's not the end though!
I am still using it excessively until just now, a friend of mine,called me up just to ask me about it! *notice that I am using exclamation marks at the end of some of my sentence. Shit!*

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As you might know, exclamation mark, !!!!!!!, has its special functions!
We learn this in school, where you know you use exclamation mark after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume, and often marks the end of a sentence.

For example, "Fuck you, bitch!!!!!" *obviously not a good example*

But, people most often use exclamation mark to show their anger to someone!

Note that, ANGER!

But, no. Don.t misundestand me people!
I use the exclamtion out of my consiousness, without even me realizing  typing it out.
It's what we call fossilization.

So just now, I texted a friend to inform him about the presentation he had to do for tomorrow's classes.
Three short sentences in the sms, all ended not with full stops, but with exclamation marks!
He immediately called me after that, asking whether I was angry at him for the use of exclamation marks in the text message. 
It was hilarius, I tell you.
And I had to tell him that it meant nothing but ....NOTHING!

Seriously, it has become some kind of habit or something, I don't know.
Perhaps, I need to really practise not to use it too often and excessively because it will definitely cause lots of confusion and misunderstanding. 
I definitely wouldn't want to have problem with anyone. Haha.

So peeps, if you ever receive a wall posts or text messages from me, ignore the exclamation marks because it means merely nothing!
Unless if it does, I would definitely let you know! haha

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