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-Dale Turner-

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010

I know this is probably a little too late for me to blog about World Cup.
But, I am not really a huge fan of football! So, heck!

Anyways, World Cup 2010 just ended last night with Spain bringing back the trophy with 1-0 winning over Netherlands!
I actually watched the match last night at 2.30am until 5.15am, though I realized that I would have an assembly to attend at 7.30am, and a presentation to do after that and a 3 long hours of class later.
Hell I was good! I managed to keep myself awake.
Gee it was difficult!

So, last night was the first ever midnight football match I watched with a whole bunch of friends at my college and it was indeed an experience I've never had before.
It was sooo hilarious to see these boys trying so hard to keep their eyes open but failing.
Some fell asleep in the TV hall. Hilarious because they didn't really watch it because they were sleeping.
I think being in that TV hall was what matters to them.
At least, when someone ask them if they did catch the football match, at least they can say "yes".
Haha, I am just guessing!
It was unfortunate that I forgot to snap a picture or two. Bummer! T_T

The experience I got was something that I am gonna treasure my entire life.
This probably comes once in my whole life, because obviously my studying years are coming to an end less than a year from now.
There are so many things you have got to try doing because that will help you grow as  person and see the world and your surroundings in different ways!

p/s: I am starting to love the hostel I am currently staying at! They are actually awesome! <3

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