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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sotong and World Cup

These past few days, people have been buzzing and talking and tweeting about octopus, sotong, and all of its family.
I was, of course, bedazzled with what's happening cos obviously octopus has very little connection to my life, except for the fact that I do eat sotong/squid who happens to be apart of their family too.
So, I googled, I searched and I finally figured out this whole thing about Mr. Octopus.
My first reaction was "what??"

This Octopus named Paul is said to be able to give the precisely correct World Cup prediction.
Like last night's game between Germany and Spain, yes, the Octopus had earlier predicted that Spain would win 1-0.
Could it be true that this octopus can predict the World Cup result?
If yes, then we should by now know which team/country will win the trophy this Sun!

If you wanna further read about Paul the Octopus, click here.

As for me, one word!


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