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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why is 2010 special? KENAPA?

In my earlier post on December 31st, a day before 2010 crawled in, I did write about how special 2010 is.
It is definitely the year I have been waiting for.
Since I was small, I have been waiting for this year to come and now it is September, closely coming to the end of it.
But, I haven't really told anyone except my family why it is so special to me.
Nothing fantastic though.
It is just me who thinks that it is special.
It is prolly corny and cheesy, but heck. It is SPECIAL.

Basically, I am not really a birthday person.
I don't really celebrate my birthday, what more my friends'.
I don't really feel the need to celebrate my birthday with friends because I just don't feel like it.
But no offence. Birthdays are a great celebration though. I like it when people celebrate others' birthdays.
But I don't really like the idea of how these boys prank any birthday boy with lots of things which I find ridiculous and childish sometimes. Things they do to the person celebrating their birthdays are dangerous at times and it can cause injury and I totally disagree with such things. That's why I never join such activity, I will never do such things to people and in return, I expect the same respect from others too. I just think that it's a horrible thing to do to someone who is supposed to celebrate a great day of his life.
Again, it's probably fun but it's not really my thing. 
That's why I decided to hide my birthday on Facebook from everybody except my family, in a hope that no one is reminded of my birthday.
If you ask me why, I have no reason in particular.
I just don't want people to really know my birthday, what more to celebrate it.
But this year's birthday is definitely a special one to me.
It's going to be special.
Because my birthday is on the 20th of October. And it is the year of 2010.
In short, 20-10-2010
Isn't that beautiful?

So, I've been thinking that I want to celebrate my birthday this year. How? Where? With who?
I haven't thought of that. All I know is, I want to celebrate it this year. Expecting some great gifts from friends too. LOL. Just joking. Like they would ever know and remember cos I am definitely not telling.
So, definitely gotta start thinking of some special thing to do that day. Being with the loved ones would be a great idea too.
What else?

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