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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Block C is AWESOME Part 4

I am not being overly dramatic here but I am really feeling sad.
You know how happy I am staying in the hostel in the college. But, now the excitement and happiness is gradually fading away because some of the coolest friends have left the hostel and college for good. They have finally completed their studies and graduated. As much as I envy them, YES, because they finish way before us, but I feel really sad because they will no longer be with us next semester.

The rest, the others are awesome too but these guys are the first people I knew the moment I stepped and enrolled into the college. We came together, enrolled together, went through the orientation week together, but now they are leaving first.

I am personally sad because I just got a chance to get to know them real close this semester because I did not stay in Block C before. They are a bunch of great people. Syafiq, Am, Roy, Padi, Ayah Pin, just to name a few, have been great companions for this semester. it is such a new breathe of fresh air getting to know people out of my TESL circle. I suppose, would not it be because of Block C, I would not get the opportunity to know these people.

In a short period of few months, so many memories made, laughter, joy, sadness, everything we shared and it's a memory I am gonna keep and treasure my whole life. There will be less members for volleyball next semester. That's not fun at all. But heck. That's life, right? You guys are awesome and I am not going to forget you guys easily. We may be 1000 miles away from each other later but Facebook, YM, Twitter, calls and text messages will always keep us all close.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you so much for the friendship. I'm truly blessed and honored to have known you guys. :)

And this song is specially dedicated for you guys. Much love to everyone!

p/s: I cannot even imagine how it would be like when the time comes for me to leave the college later. It would be even sadder than this.

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Melancholic Fool said...

u have been really mushy for the past few posts...

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