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-Dale Turner-

Monday, November 15, 2010

I must learn how to cook!

Why is it that I do not know how to cook?
It's unfair to me because some of my male friends can cook, in fact good cook they are.
It's baffling to me.
I know, I must have been one spoiled lazy child growing up. Hahahaha
I can hardly make myself a fried rice.
All I know is to boil water, cook instant noodles, fried eggs and that's it I think.
It's horrible, I know. I find it awful and pathetic.
I think I should start taking up a cooking lesson with my mom and sisters.
It's for my own survival too. What would happen if I am left alone at home, sick of having take-outs and processed food and fast food? I must cook for myself! Argh
It's never too late I think. Better late than never although never late is better. LOL

Now where is the frying pan, wok, ladle and fish slice and the pot? I gotta start cooking now!

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

baguslah tu amir.cecepat la blaja masak tu.pastu pas kat saya rasa.kwang2~

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