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Monday, December 27, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

During my visit to KL recently, I had the opportunity to visit Aquaria KLCC.

I may be so 2000 late but heck, I at least made my way there.

I know some of my friends had been there and I was quite thrilled and excited to witness myself the beautiful sea creatures. Just thinking about being "underwater", immersed in the water world,  it got me very excited already.

So, we bought the ticket, it was expensive but it was worth every cent paid cos I do understand the kind of maintenance needed for this large aquarium.

The truth is I am not THAT interested in seeing fishes or anything like that but being a Malaysian myself, it's kind of odd that after so long, only now did I get to be here. At least, if any foreigner or tourist ever comes up to me and asks me about it, at least I do have some ideas about what that place is about, right?

But yes, it was great to get to visit such new places especially when everything was all paid for. Thanks big sis! Hahahaha

Anyways, I don't know what to write about Aquaria KLCC but one thing for sure, it is a must-see place, I guarantee you. Having visited Aquaria KLCC makes me want to visit the Underwater World in Langkawi, which I heard wayyyyyy bigger than this one. EXCITED!!!

As I said, I have nothing interesting to share cos y'all know there are nothing but fishes, sea creatures and lots of FISHES! 

My lovely sister who paid everything during this trip to KL,from A-Z.
I forgot its name but God knows what he's doing in Aquaria.
More fishes...
and more fishes....hahaha

And oh yeah, if there was one thing that really got me jump up and down about going to Aquaria, it definitely was the walk-through tunnel tank!

I have been wanting to go down "under the water" and yes, it was so COOL!

I also heard the one in Underwater World Langkawi is bigger than this one, and yes, that's gonna be another good reason to go visit Langkawi soon. Hehehehe

Is it a shark? I don't know. Don't ask me.
My favorite, this giant stingray which is 1.8m long and can grow up to 3.3m!
This lonely turtle! hahahaha
More fishes...
I get goosebumps at times when I look at this.
Remember during World Cup where there was this huge commotion and buzz about this octopus?

Yes, I managed to see one real life octopus y'all!

Can you see it? No?

Yes, you could hardly see it because it was hiding in that pot! Shy much? :p

And you all know it's Christmas time, so they had this big Christmas tree put up there too.

One interesting part of our visit was the little demonstration of fish feeding. We were so lucky that we were there just  in time for the fish-feding session. 

They had this little auditorium, as they call it, for the visitors to sit before it and enjoy watching demonstrators/ swimmers/ divers feeding all sort of fishes and sea creatures in the tank.

Check out the stingray, he's everywhere.
Look at the massive crowd. It's school holidays, hence...
Fishes started making their way in front of the audience. It was like they were well-trained or something.
More and more of them coming in...
And more...
And more...haih
And there were the divers carrying with them buckets of food for the fishes, turtles, stingrays and others.
Do you notice that the diver on the left was dressed as a Santa? Now Santa swims y'all!

I just need to share this interesting video I took during the demonstration. Spot the Santa diver and the giant Stingray in this video. Check out what they did.

It's so cute, right? The kids were really entertained.

Ok fine. I was too! Heeeeeeee :D

And this jellyfish, I just had to take these pictures. It was amazing.

So, was it an interesting experience and trip to Aquaria?

Yes, I think it was.

She seemed to pretty much enjoy it...

So, I guess....

I did too!

I mean YES! I did enjoy seeing the fishes!


So, do check out their website here to see the other fun activities they offer at Aquaria KLCC.


7 Comment:

farah_areRa said...

fuyoo~~~byknya ikan!
ada tgk ikan piranha dak??ehhehe

Memer said...

Ada, banyak plak tu, tpi lupa nak masukkan gambar kat sini,heeee

farah booboo said...

ikan oh ikan.....tgu saya...nanti saya dtg yep.weeee

Memer said...

Do go and visit Aquaria, it's a cool place!

hUiYi said...

i always love watching fish!=)

farah booboo said...

baikkk!!! :)

Memer said...

Hui Yi: It's worth every penny you pay for the visit, I guarantee you. :)

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